Antiques: Collecting 19th Century Clocks : How to Collect Antique Metal Mantle Clocks

Here’s another example of 19th century this
they produced a lot of these mantel clocks and this is actually is very heavy it’s metal
it’ just got this really ornate vase type almost looks like a trophy that sits on top
of it. Here you can see where the makers mark is on here, I’m trying to read it, it has
these screws here that you take off to pull the back off and you can see the mechanism
on it, we’re not going to try to pull it off right now. But there’s the makers mark they
were mast produced made in late 1800’s it’s got nice brass works around the face you can
see here where the roman numerals and the dials and the clock has a nice ring to it.
This is a half hour you want it to ring on the hour it has a nice tone to it this clock
has just been worked on, it’ll ring on the half hour, here is your chime here, it rings
on the hour and half hour and this is for your hour dial. This is a 30 hour clock some
of them will come in 8 day but this one is 30 hour, this is another example with little
brass filigree inlay down here of a late 19th century clock.

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