Antiques: Collecting 19th Century Clocks : Prices of Antique Clocks

So you think you want to collect the 19th
century clocks I can give you a little examples some examples of the prices ranges that you
can think about when your deciding on whether you want a clock. A shelf clock or grandfather
clock or anyone one of the different types that we seen here today this little beehive
clock will run you somewhere in the vicinity of 150-$300. Depending on the condition the
age and if it needs work this Ethica calender clock really difficult to find it’s going
to cost you somewhere at least a thousand dollars and somewhere in the vicinity of a
thousand fifteen hundred so that’s a pretty expensive clock to start. And over here you
can see a shelf clock here very basic shelf clock with a mirror on the front this clock
can run you anywhere from 200-$450 the ones with a high relief of reverse painted glass
can run you a little bit higher. When were talking about grandfather clocks you can expect
to pay anywhere from 800 and up they can cost you thousands of dollars an average them in
mid 19th century clocks and in original condition can cost you upwards of two thousand or better.
So that’s an important factor in determining what type of clock you want to collect.

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  1. I have a 1907 seth thomas 298b clock (seth thomas clock company. thomas. conn. u.s.a)

    Can someone help me out. I try to find out how much is it pleace help

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