Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : How to Use Antique Resource Books

Hello, I’m Statia Widak and I’m from Plainville,
Massachusetts and I love collecting glass it is my hobby. I’m here on behalf of Expert
Village. I have a library of books and there books by everyone and what I do when I go
to the yard sales I can always tell what pattern it is because I read about it in the book.
There?s the lotus pattern. If I see anything at a yard sale or at one of the antique places
I will pick it up and I add it to my collection. This has helped me to determine the value,
the pattern otherwise I would have no idea what kind of glass it was or who made it.
These are all on depression glass, Fenton glass, Cambridge glass, Viking glass, crystal
stemware has a book out and you can find out almost any crystal piece you have. I go to
the bookstore they’re very expensive they’re not cheap. You can go to the library but of
course you can only keep it for a few days and you’ll have to bring it back. But once
you have the book at home you can sit down and you can study all the different things
so when you get ready to go shopping you can pick up different things that you’ve already
read about.

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