Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : Tips for Finding Rare Antiques

Hello I’m Statia Widak and I’m from Plainview,
Massachusetts and I love collecting glass it is my hobby. I’m here on behalf of Expert
Village. This is the first thing that I have seen in the 10 years of collecting. I have
never come upon this design. It has three little legs and I found it in the book and
I saw a vase, two different vase sizes and shapes. Now it was made Fenton glass in 1936.
But what they did they made over 30 different items. I’m sure there were cups, saucers,
serving dishes and whatever. They do come in other colors. This happens to be the frosted
glass. It looks like straw or grass growing all around it and it’s frosted on the outside.
It’s a beautiful piece of, a nice candy dish. It’s got a rest here and it’s got three little
legs on it. Doesn’t it look like grass growing? I think it does. So, very unusual looking
piece so I did find that recently. I found it at a thrift shop that you can buy all sorts
of clothing and dishes and whatever at a very good price.

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