Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : Tips for Picking Your Favorite Antiques

Hello, I’m Statia Widak and I’m from Plainville,
Massachusetts and I love collecting glass it is my hobby. I’m here on behalf of Expert
Village. These are some of my favorite pieces that I’ve come across. The first one is a
four story lamp that was, it’s got the colony design it was made between 1930-1980 something
and then Viking took over and they made some lamps too. I don’t know how many they made
but that is one of my favorites and I use it in my bedroom as a night light. Then we
have another lamp that was imported. Handmade it’s an unusual design. It’s got the three
tiers, or four tiers right here the prisms are missing but if you put prisms on it would
make it beautiful. This is a heavy glass cigarette lighter that was used, which of course we
don’t use today cause nobody smokes, but it’s a beautiful piece of glass. And here is a
napkin holder, we don’t usually put these on our tables today but in 1930, 40, 50, 60’s
that what we used many of these. And that’s a sandwich design.

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