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You know, we watched “Dancing with the Stars
recently. We watched Marie Osmond, and, tragically, she lost. But she was a winner, with this
doll collection. Marie Osmond has a doll collection, and then, remember when she danced like a
little doll? It was kind of bizarre, wasn’t it? But that’s why she got the idea. She has
a doll collection, and this would be a Marie Osmond doll, even though I’ve been told it
looks like Katherine Zeta Jones or Yoko Ono. It is, indeed, a look-alike, supposedly, of
“Marie Osmond.” But the thing that is very unique about this Marie Osmond doll is that
she took her little hand and signed it. Says, “Marie Osmond, 1991.” Why does it say ’71?
Oh, it does say ’91. I’m sorry. 1991. So this is a newer version, this is a newer doll.
When you buy newer dolls, you have to be careful. But if they’re celebrity dolls, that’s a good
thing, especially if your celebrity was on “Dancing with the Stars,” and signed her name
on the back. But remember, this is a newer doll from the ’90’s. It’s not an antique,
but it is highly collectible. So, if you see Marie, say, “Hi,” for me.

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  1. This doll was made by Marie Osmond, but was not made to represent her. I'm not sure which doll this is but it resembles Georgianna in her So Dear to My Heart series. Marie began selling her dolls on QVC in 1991, so if the date quoted is correct it would have been from her first year of manufacturing dolls.

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