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Say, hi to Chrissy. Here she is. You baby
boomers will know who she is because she was made in nineteen sixty-nine. You know, I shouldn’t
say this but this was the year I graduated high school. Anyway, here’s Crissy. And you
know what she does? Her hair grows. How weird is that? Can you imagine as a child, you’re
playing with this hair? Doll were never really quite my thing but this Crissy has grow hair
and if you have that original box that I just showed you, this Crissy is probably worth
about seventy or eighty dollars. Maybe a little more if the box is in perfect condition. Now,
if you find a Crissy and you make sure she’s in good condition. Her hair is a little ragged
but I think we can fix that. Her legs are a little weird but, you know, it all works
out. If she’s in good condition and you have a box and you have what they call ‘mint in
box’. That means that she’s never been taken out of the box and she has the little rubber
bands that hold her little leggies, etcetera. That in the box is probably worth about a
hundred and fifty dollars. Mint condition. So if you see Crissy, give a little tug for

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  1. Crissy Antique???

    I wish you would of spoken a little on how to tell the difference between the different issues, such as how the first Crissy's hair goes the whole way to the floor, have a flower shaped knob to wind her hair back in and is dated 1968. Later versions had the shorter hair, like the one you have, and the 3rd version and later have the round knob. All these things are important when making appraisals and when determining how much to pay when buying.

  2. I got one for 10 dollars naked with the hair cut. And your not a very good doll collector if you wank her hair out and stuff it back in.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! My freinds mom has that doll! She will give it to me, but I havent seen its condition. I will keep the doll, but now I know how much it can be worth, so I have another OPTION!! Once angain, THANK YOU!

  4. OUCH. Did you hear that sound when she pulled the hair out? I can feel her screaming in pain, and that's not even a talking Crissy!

  5. @iluvpie20101 Not even just vintage! MODERN dolls aren't meant to be treated like that! I hate that sound when she pulls the hair. Thatt "Crr-CHHH"? That is NOT a sound dolls are meant to make!

  6. @sheadatear Exactly! Just a week ago, I have this 2001 Barbie doll that was still in its box, ok? So my sister (8) gets the dolla nd throughs it and kicks it and cuts her hair! Abuse to dolls!

  7. @iluvpie20101 Ew! Which doll is it, though, may I ask? If all else fails, you can try and fix her up and use her for a little buddy.; That's what I do when my baby cousin ruins my dolls.

  8. @sheadatear The doll was called "Jewel Girl Barbie" The Popstar Edition. I had I think um, Teresa. And I rerooted her. But what sucks is that her scalp, turns from Pink to Brown! And I'll try that ;]

  9. @iluvpie20101 The Jewel Girl Barbie was pretty! I loved her waist, but never had my own. But at least she was salvaged, more or less!

  10. you seriously do NOT know how to handle that doll. im 14 years old and my grandma has a teenage chrissy, three baby chrissys, and two velvet dolls. all in original cloting and no hair cuts. I even know how to hold that doll and work it. you clearly dont just shove the hair back in, there is a knob on her back you turn to put it back in. second, you press her belly button when you pull it out. come on im a 14 year old BOY and i know how to hold that. your going to ruin that doll. i own one myself

  11. @NiceBosGuy AAACK! I thought the same thing! I gasped when she yanked her hair out! the belly button is one thing, but the knob is hard to miss!

  12. You have ruffled a lot of feathers here! Please read the other posts about the handling of Crissy's VINTAGE hair! If you put up videos for collectors, please do be an actual EXPERT on the subject. Thank you.

  13. i am a crissy collector and never have i seen such mistreatment of a doll!! pulling the hair out and shoving it back in the dolls head can destroy the grow hair mechanism. out of all my 20 crissy dolls i have only had one break.

  14. Uhh, remake the video with that crissy doll if you HAVEN'T destroyed the mechanism for the hair, horrible abuse, I feel so sorry for your crissy doll!!

  15. Also, an "expert"? and EXPERT knows how to treat that doll correctly and would show how to use it to ppl who just bought it! Knowing how much it is with the box, and the "mint in box" is nice, but seriously take this video off and redo it if you want ppl to like it!

  16. i head that the doll id possesed that some witch doctor put human spirets in the doll to make there hair grow i wouldnt get one i dont want to be killed at night i mean i saw that she blinked in 1:08

  17. @xxxxd1516 ikr i saw it too her eyes and smile looked real as if she were possesed it looked like she was just waiting for that lady to walk out of there

  18. Mother of llamas, I almost died when she yanked Crissy's hair and then stuffed it back in…
    Handling the hair mechanism of a Crissy doll: You're doing it wrong! >_<

    You have to TURN THE KNOB to shorten it, and PRESS THE BUTTON ON HER STOMACH to make it grow. Any person selling vintage dolls should know this, especially dolls that were popular like Crissy.
    And this is coming from a person who wasn't even around when Crissy came out, let alone owns one… -_-

  19. Oh this is just HORRIBLE! doll collecting isn't about making money and worrying about how much the doll is worth! It's about reconnecting with your childhood and or just the love of vintage dolls! It's people like this that make these dolls so rare and expensive! They buy used dolls and store them in a big warehouses and then sell them for ridiculous prices! U people r a complete insult to all doll collectors!

  20. GASP!!!!!! YOU YANKED!!!!!! your the kid that my mom said was not allowed to play at our house any more………..

  21. F*CK you i can't bilive that you just RIPPED the dolls hair some of my video i dont just ripped the dolls hair i push the button to make the hair drow

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