Antiques: How to Collect Antique Dolls : Antique Dolls: Eye Condition

Diversity in dolls. There’s a lot of different
dolls out there, as we know. This doll, you want to be careful, because this doll kind
of looks like an antique doll, but it isn’t. This is the most common doll you see. You
see them everywhere. You see them at garage sales. This is a porcelain doll, but they’re
brand new. Ok? But let’s talk a little bit about eyes. She seems to be having a difficult
time. Let’s talk a little about eyes. Her eyes are glass, which is good. But these dolls,
you’re always going to find are in good condition. She just doesn’t want to stand up though.
I hate that. Ok, so her doll eyes are great. Now let’s look at some of these plastic eyes.
Now this happens to be a black doll. And they’re less common because there weren’t as many
made. This is an Ideal doll. This doll has pretty eyes, and they’re very clear. If you
can see the eyes, there’s no cracks. They’re clear. They blink, “Hi,” properly. Sometimes
your eyes get stuck. When your eye gets stuck–bad. When your eye stays up and down, that’s a
good thing. Then we have these other dolls that have sometimes glass. These are the little
Vynil, these are the little plastic dolls. See, sometimes they’ll get a gray or milky
coating over them from age. Be careful of that, because the first thing a doll collector
looks for is those eyes. Check them out; make sure they’re clear, vibrant. And these are
blue. So make sure that you make a careful look at eyes, and they go up and down, because
when they don’t go up and down, that’s bad. Have a great time. I’ll be seeing you. Cute,

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