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Let’s talk a little bit about plush. We call
these plush. These are the kind you see everywhere, like the kind you see at the fair when you
throw a ball at milk bottles. But those are the cheesy ones. And if you see those, and
they’re like copies of things, don’t buy those, because they’re everywhere, because the fair
gives them out. All you have to do is pretend that you hit a bottle and you get a plush.
So, remember those huge ones you can’t even fit in the car? These are some cuter plushes
that are characters that we know. This is my pal, Gumby. Isn’t he precious? He has Pokey,
too, but I only have a Gumby to show you today. And he’s probably from the late ’70’s. But
he’s awfully cute. And he’s in good condition. He’s not dirty. He’s got all of his body parts.
And he’s even waving to you. So, he’s very cute, and he’s probably worth about $30, this
Gumby. “Call home.” There he is, E.T. When E.T. came out, there were zillions of E.T.
things, but there aren’t that many around any more. So, they’re starting to become highly
collectible, and they’re starting to be something that you can find. So, if you find some E.T.’s,
start buying them and putting them away, because right now this one’s only worth maybe $10,
$15. But, you know, if you store your E.T.’s, they improve and increase in value over time,
kind of like a fine wine. A fine E.T. Isn’t he cute? They have lots of E.T.’s, by the
way. They also have E.T. mask, E.T. keychain, everything E.T. You know how it is. Let me
mention this as a more modern idea, too. Look at this cute little Linus. Now the Snoopy
line is very valuable, very collectible. This particular Linus is–United Features Syndicate–I
would say this is from ’60’s, ’70’s. I don’t have the exact date. You can date them, though,
if you get a price guide, and start looking at what’s written on the bottom, where they’re
made–Hong Kong, China, etc. But this is a Linus, and, you know, he’s worth quite a bit
of money. He’s in great shape. He’s worth about $70. Now, if you had the original box,
everything goes up in value. So, when you buy toys for your kids, keep the boxes. Except
remember, they make a lot more toys now than they did then. Much more mass production now.
So, when people start collecting things now, like dolls like this, remember that there’s
zillions of them, and the whole collectible craze is becoming more common in people’s
psyche. So, collecting things now, it may not get you what you did in the ’70’s. You
may have to wait a hundred years instead of twenty, and I don’t think we’ll live that
long. So just keep that in mind when you collect. Right, Linus? He agrees.

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