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Let’s talk about Vynil. Yes, Vynil. Not records,
but dolls. This is a Beanie doll, and, no, it’s not a Beanie Baby. It’s a Beanie, as
in Beanie and Cecil. Cute, huh? Look at his little beanie hat. This Beanie was made by
Mattel, and this one actually is from 1949. And for 1949, he’s looking pretty darn good.
That means he’s in his late 50’s. He’s looking pretty darn good. But we did notice that his
propeller is a little bit broken. I hate it when a propeller breaks. Poor Beanie. So that
does affect his value. This Beanie, if his propeller was perfect, and he is pretty much
perfect. He’s in his original clothing. So let’s see what my antique store says he’s
worth. He’s worth about $100. My guess is, it might be a little less because of this
damaged propeller. Then we have something really cool. Let’s look current–a Michael
Myers doll. How awesome is that? This guy is so cool. What this guy does is he talks.
Let’s see. “Try me.” Cool, huh? This is a current Vynil. This thing’s worth more than
Beanie, about $95. So, you don’t have to be old to be valuable.

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  1. Uhh..sorry but Beany and Cecil are from the early 60's…that "Beany" doll was made in the early-mid 60's…yes by Mattel.

  2. Expertvillage, it's spelled vinyl

    Your videos are very difficult to hear, even with my volume turned all the way up…but did you say Beany was made in 1949???? He was actually made in 1962 and currently sells for alot less than $100.

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