Antiques & Junk Adventures in Glasgow

We’re looking for a birthday present. And I think this is probably the right place to be. :chill af music begins to play: So we’re going to a place called, Relics. ding! And it’s down this tiny little lane. So that’s Byres Road right there. Complete with junk cats! :cat sounds: Hi! And this lil guy. Only £16! Oooo, my backpack is not going to work in here. (Whispering) I kinda wanna buy that! (maybe you should) (whispering) Maybe I should! For those of you who may not remember, That’s a rotary phone! My grandma used to have one of these, and it was so annoying. :Scoff: (shop owner chatting in background) Oh! She’s nice! You have to go down this tiny little alleyway. And it’s riiiiiiight there. (Paul runs this joint.) POLK! Remember him? Oh and Garfield is here. He hates Mondays. So do I. There’s some really weird stuff in here. Like, that’s just a shelf of… mannequin heads. What’s that about? Wall of glasses, um… lamps up here, If you want some fur, probably not. Um, hats for church. Or a wedding? Really excellent selection of hats. I mean… come on. Look at these. They’re amazing. Ooo. Yeeeeessss. Oh, that is some craftsmanship. Here’s some… weird… baby toys. Or! Fake fruit! I’m back at home! And the sun… the sun is OUT. in full force. It’s SO bright. Did I mention that it SNOWED TODAY??! What’s happening?? :crying sounds: So if you wait 5 minutes, the sun goes away. If there are any antique places that I missed in Glasgow, Let me know! (I meant, where else should I go?? Obviously I haven’t seen them all. Help a girl out and let me know where you love to find your junk! xo) That’d be nice 🙂 Seeya next time!

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