ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | 1939 Grant Wood “Fertility” Lithograph | Omaha Hr 1 Preview | PBS

– [Voiceover] This work of art by a famous midwestern artist, Grant Wood. – My older sister gave it
to me several years ago and it’s a Grant Wood lithograph, I think. I don’t see any numbers on it and I think she purchased it in Iowa
City when she was doing graduate studies there many years ago. – [Voiceover] While he was there? – He was, yes, he was teaching there. – It is indeed a Grant Wood. It’s a lithograph by Grant Wood. Probably better known to most people as the painter, of the famous
painting, American Gothic. – [Voiceover] Exactly. – [Todd] An iconic American image. But Grant Wood also made
20 different lithographs, different lithographic subjects and this is one of ’em. In fact, one of his more
popular lithographs. I believe one of his
more popular lithographs because the scenery
resembles American Gothic. – [Voiceover] Yes, it does. – The lithograph was published by a firm out of New York, Associate
American Artists, who during the 1930’s through the 1960’s were issuing prints by artists, some better known than others to be sold inexpensively
so people could own original art for fairly modest sums. This is like the other lithographs that Grant Wood made under the auspices of Associate American
Artists, one of in addition of 250, but none of them were numbered and unlike his contemporaries, Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, the other regionalists, Wood only made 20 different lithographs, whereas those other artists made a couple hundred each. So, they’re much more common. This is a lithograph entitled Fertility. He made it in 1939. It’s in the original mat. You can see on the edge of the mat, there’s some brown on the mat cut. That probably translates to some mat stain just beneath the mat,
which is not gonna be very detrimental to
the value of the print. A fair replacement value on this or an insurance value would be in the neighborhood
of $10,000 to $12,000. – Oh my. I’m very surprised.

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