ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | Season 21 Official Trailer | PBS

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is back with all-new treasures that make you laugh… APPRAISER: There’s actually 341 pieces on this cabinet. GUEST: Wow… APPRAISER: I counted them this morning. GUEST: (laughs) You’re crazy!
(laughter) GUEST: So I shouldn’t cut them up and repurpose
them… APPRAISER: No, you shouldn’t. Make you cry… GUEST: Really? APPRAISER: Yes. GUEST: Oh my gosh… GUEST: Wonderful. Wonderful. Wow. GUEST: Wow. That is a lot! APPRAISER: So we’re really happy to
see this today at the Roadshow. GUEST: Thank you. It might even leave you speechless… GUEST: I don’t know what to say… GUEST: (laughs) Sorry… (laughs) GUEST: You’re kidding me! Tune in to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW only on PBS.

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