Apple’s Iconic iMac G4 (ft. Hrutkay Mods) – Vintage Apple Vault #6

– Hey, welcome back to the vault. Do you wanna take a look at a computer that still looks awesome today even though it came out in 2002? At least I still think it looks awesome. When Apple introduced
the first iMac in 1998, it revolutionized personal computing, but people demanded more features and Apple wasn’t going to stop. Enter the iMac G4. (soft music) On the day Steve Jobs
introduced the iMac G4 at Mac World 2002, Apple
has already sold six million iMac G3 computers. So it’s been doing all right, it’s time to take it to the next level. Some people just call it the iMac. Some people call it the
iMac with flat panel. Some people call it the luxo iMac, which is a Pixar reference. But the official model
identifier is actually PowerMac4,2. And the goal of this computer was to be the center of your Digital Hub and your Digital Hub
applications such as iPhoto, which was actually introduced
with this computer, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, all that good stuff. Steve said the Digital Hub
is the future of the PC. And it was that’s how it
was for a long time now, it evolved. Now a lot of that stuff is in
the cloud and on social media. But this is one of the starting points, think about how much we
like to share our photos and our videos and our memories now, with the cloud and social
media that’s all doable. But before that stuff was mainstream, this kind of stuff is what we had. Simple computers to run our
Digital Hub applications to import our videos,
to import our photos. I just think that was a cool
key focus for this computer, the Digital Hub. And check this out. This computer along with Steve Jobs, made it on the cover of Time Magazine. Flat out cool. And hey, this is still sealed
with 1000 free hours of AOL. So if you need some hours, hit me up now. Let’s dive in and look at this
thing a little bit closer. I’m just trying to think
of where I’m going to begin because there’s just so many cool things. Where do we start? Stone shaped? That’s pretty cool. Yeah, the design was radically different. And there was a lot of different features. Here was a big one though, flat screen, because Apple’s iMac was
a CRT up until this point. So this was a huge request. 15 inches 1024 by 768, flat, so much easier on the eyes because this type of
screen did not flicker like a CRT flickered. The other big request,
shoved G4 into the iMac, iMac G4, here it is. So Apple did that. They put one in at 700
megahertz and at 800 megahertz. There were different
configurations you could order and that type of horsepower is what made the whole
Digital Hub thing possible. Everything was so much faster. But there were some things
that weren’t even possible before the G4 like burning DVDs. You could burn DVDs with this
thing with the disk drive, but you needed something
way faster than a G3 to encode MPEG-2 which is what DVDs used. The G4 could just breeze
right through that. Speaking of the DVDs, we do
have that super drive built in and it’s kind of hiding
behind this panel right here and it just comes out automatically. It’s like it’s sticking
his tongue out at you. – I remember the first
time I saw this computer was in that Apple commercial where you see the iMac in the
window and a guy walks by and he moves around and the iMac’s screen
moves around with it. I always thought that was really cool. And at the end, he sticks
his tongue out and well, the iMac sticks its tongue out too. It’s like it’s sticking his tongue. It’s really, really cute. – And it sticks its tongue out. I mean, it is just so cheerful. – [Ken] And you could burn DVDs with that, read CDs, burn CDs, read
DVDs, the whole lot. On the graphical end of things, this iMac had a GeForce2 MX in it, and that had 32 megabytes of video memory. So over the previous generation of iMac, we’re talking about three times better 3D
performance, big jump. In terms of the IO we had USB
at 12 megabits per second. FireWire 400, Mini VGA 10 base 100 Ethernet, a 56k modem port, and it was airport ready
for wireless networking. There was also a headphone
jack built into the back and a microphone built into the front. And there were built in speakers. Compared to the G3, I don’t
think the built in speakers were nearly as powerful. But Apple didn’t stop there. There is a built in amplifier, so you can plug in their new pro speakers which shipped with certain models. And those things were loud. So let’s go back to that design. Very different than any
other computer at the time. Kind of funky, but really cool looking. Why was it built this way? Well, again, it’s an all in one just like the original
Macintosh Apple push for that. But the whole dome being
separate from the display thing. There was a thinking behind that. So Steve Jobs joked about
taking the current big CRT 3G and just sawing the back off. But there were some problems with that if you just had that front chunk, well, first of all, it would
look kind of ugly and thick. It’s not so flat anymore,
but there were more problem. You would have to put discs on their side, you would have to put
optical drives on the side, which you couldn’t spin
the discs at full speed, if you had them on the side, you would have to put
the ports on the side, the cables would stick
out in front of your eyes. There were just so many problems
with having a flat computer that’s not really flat anymore with all this stuff on its side. So they thought, hey, let
every part of the computer just be true to itself. If the screen wants to
be flat, let it be flat. If the computer wants to be horizontal, let it be horizontal and just let those
things exist separately. So that’s what they did. Flat screen, horizontal computer still in an aesthetically
pleasing all in one design. And the screen was a lot of fun. It could swivel, can move it
up and down, you could tilt it and it would just hold in place. It was just just like it floated. It just floats right there. No matter how you move it,
it would just stay still. Was there expansion capabilities. You bet. I know, we’re not used
to hearing that nowadays, but yes, you could just
take the bottom off and have access to
certain components, stock, you can upgrade it with
up to a gigabyte of RAM. I’m sure someone figured out
how to get it past that limit. And you could also put in an airport card if you want to cut the
cable and go wireless with your networking. And isn’t that bottom, just beautiful. The base configuration of
this thing sold for 1299. And that was with a 40 gigabyte hard drive and a 700 megahertz G4. Now, this is cool and all
but I’m not the only one with an iMac G4 out there. I’ve talked with a lot of collectors that have cool stuff they
want to show you too. So let’s have a look. – Hi, my name is Ryan. I have a YouTube channel called itekapple where I make all sorts of videos about Apple products and technology. I started collecting Apple
products about two years ago and one of the first machines
that I got was an iMac G4. I got it for about 100
bucks on Craigslist. It’s the 17 inch 2003 model
with an 80 gig hard drive. Well I plan on speaking
this model out at some point it usually doesn’t get
much use, I know I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t make more videos on it because it’s such an iconic machine one of the biggest time
points of this model was that it uses an LCD
display on a flooding arm with all the internal stored
in this half sphere base. When you think about computers from 2003, CRT are still largely popular. I’ve always thought that this is one of the
coolest Apple computers because it was completely different from what anyone expected. However, I do think it is a bit ironic that Steve Jobs marketed this design as being superior to letting
all the internals on its side behind the LCD, which they ended up
doing with the iMac G5. Anyways, I want to thank Ken
for letting me share my story and thoughts on this amazing
piece of engineering. – Hello, and I’m Alec from
Alex likes, Macintosh, Instagram, and Tumblr. I’ve been collecting Macintosh
for about 10 years now and I’ve got a wide variety. We’re going to take a
look at my two iMac G4s. I’ve got a 15 inch here
from the original run and a 20 inch here from the final run. With the original iMac G3 Apple flipped what it was to be a computer
on its head and was like, it’s no longer a beige box. It’s this cute little
gumdrop full of color and life and cheerfulness. And they did it again
and kind of matured it to this kind of level of sophistication and level of quality that we
just don’t see in computers. I’m actually a designer by trade. So that’s what I do in my profession. I’m a visual designer, I design predominantly for
experiences and events. And so when I get an old machine, I like to install the software that it would have shipped with. So this is running OS 9 and 10.2. And then this one’s running 10.3. And what I do is I find the design software
of the time period, so something that was
released either just before or just after the computer was released, and then I installed that. So this one’s running
on Adobe Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7 and InDesign 2 and I think Macromedia FreeHand 10. I don’t really remember
the three hands numbers, and then this one’s
running Creative Suite 2. So let’s take the 15 inch iMac
enlarge illustrator and last. Okay, that’s cute. This is illustrator cannot be opened using this version of macOS. The second click worked. Sometimes it gets confused because I’ve got OS 9
and OS X working on it, so I was making minimalist
little icon thumbnails of Star Trek uniforms over the years. And obviously I started this
before Discovery started, because I don’t have a
uniform from Discovery. I had drawn an iMac G4 on this page talent so we can actually see it. So that’s what I usually do when I tinker around with these just draw a few things,
save it out, put it away, pick it back up a month later and be like I was working on this. I also like to play video games on them. Which is odd because
you know Apple Macintosh What are you going to play on video game? Every once in a while we’ll
get some friends together and why should do like
an old school LAN party. I pull out all the old G4, and we play a lead for
us or Age of Empires. Will leave Age of Empires
until you get too many soldiers on the map and then it crashes. These are my machines. These are my iMac G4s. They’re cute, and they’re lovable, and they got these cute arms. Just so cute. And then doing this is going
to bust one of the displays, but I’m going to do it anyway. Just so cute. – Hello there, I’m Steve from Mac 84. And first I’d like to thank
Ken for allowing me to show my beautiful iMac G4 here
on the vintage Apple vault. For those of you who don’t know, I run a YouTube channel called Mac84. Where I tinker around with
a lot of Apple computers and Macintoshes and just
play around with them and see what I can make
work and do historical aspects stuff on this. Now the iMac G4 is a
really interesting part of Apple’s history. It was the first time
where their iMac system had a G4 processor. I mean this was still targeted
for the home audience, for the students are
the educational market, but it’s not a slow machine. This is actually a pretty quick machine. The graphics card capabilities
in this machine are great and get 32 megabytes of video memory which is double what you
had in the iMac G3 series later in the life. And you know the pro speakers are a nice addition unfortunately, they weren’t included on the base model you had to pay extra for them. But you can also power this machine with the DVD burner which was pretty cool and you can video edit
pretty well on these machines and there’s even an
airport card to this one. So it’s a pretty capable desktop computer and it takes everything that people loved about the original iMac and just went one step further. I got this new year’s after it came out. I couldn’t afford it when it was new. I got it in 2008 at the
Trenton Computer Festival in New Jersey and I just
happened to pick up one that had an airport card and he didn’t charge me extra for it. But I was so worried about
getting this thing home because of the LCD display. So I actually packed it
very carefully in my car and brought it home. And this actually ended
up being the secondary family computer for a while. And it actually lasted from 2008 to about 2012 or 2013 or so. It was just for web
browsing and email and, you know, word processing
and printing out stuff and things like that. So today this machine sits on
the shelf most of its life, but it is fun to take
it down once in a while, listen to some music or
play some games on it. It’s not a bad machine, and it’s a fun one to play around with, especially if you’re into
some old games and software. – Hello, I’m Greg Hrutkay and
also known as Hrutkay Mods and once again Ken thank you very much for having me on your episode. And today’s video, I’m
going to be showing you my most favorite all in one Mac and that would be the iMac
G4 which I happen to have somewhere around two or
three or four of them. This one right here, if you
notice, there’s no bottom on it. And that’s because this one right here is slowly becoming the
world’s fastest iMac G4. We’re Colin a.k.a. “dosdude1” and I are trying to cram a 7448 G4 and trying to get this over two gigahertz. It’s still going to be a G4 iMac, but currently we’ve
been going through a lot and because of that
we’ve got literally like, at least three boards
floating around here. Another one I’d like
to show you real quick would be my very first iMac G4. This is actually the iMac that eventually steamrolled into me
starting my channel back up. And this system is literally
built out of spare parts out of two different systems. This is a one gigahertz model, and, of course there’s no screen on it. And it’s literally made up of spare parts. This is what got me into Macs actually, I was using tiger and leopard on it, and just really got hooked on it. So this means a lot to me, but this is not the system
we’re talking about today. In fact, today we are talking about my 17 inch G4 800 here, and this is the very last iMac ever to come out that was
officially supported by OS 9. Okay, so here’s my G4 800 here. This was the top of the
line first generation model. There were technically two
generations of the iMac G4. This happens to be, it came out midway through the production run
of the first generation. The first generation started
out as 15 inch models, and then they introduced
a widescreen 17 inch as we see here, in the screen itself carried on over into the next generation, the second generation. The first generations had 7455 G4 and they were OS 9 compatible. The second generation had 7445
G4s and they were actually not compatible with OS 9 officially and it runs OS 9 incredibly well. It’s very highly desirable just because of the widescreen it’s the
largest screen resolution you could get on an OS 9
machine officially I believe. They’re in anyway. It handles OS 9 amazing. I got a great deal on this system. It was sold locally for like 65 bucks and it came with everything
and they originally came with the pro speakers, a second generation Apple pro keyboard, this is actually an apple
keyboard which came out in like 2003 but my pro keyboards, mustard yellow, and I didn’t want to show that but also came with the pro mouse, and it was in mean
condition when I got it. Ended up in a freak
accident a few months back and the LCD ended up busted, the surround was busted and
the drive door got snapped off. But I rebuild it, it’s back to original. And what really made me fall
in love with this system is the sheer beauty of this design, and the simplicity and it’s actually function
over anything else really. It functions very well. It cools nicely. And it’s just it’s an amazing machine. And the biggest part, like I said, that really really makes this thing is the fact that can boot into OS 9, which we can quickly restart
it and boot it into OS 9. Here we are in OS 9. It runs at like a champ. And few quick other things
that I love about the system is it has its own personality, as will we can see turn the lights back on it’s like it’s alive in my opinion. They say that it was kind
of like based off of Luxo code name or something like that for it, you know, the Pixar lamp
because of how this moves. And if we hold in the object, can you you’ll see my favorite feature. It’s like it’s sticking its tongue at you. It’s really, really cute. And I can’t get enough of this system. And I hope I have more in the future especially ones there and
totally one piece like this. – I just like collecting
computers more than anything. I like being able to
walk up to any computer at a moment’s notice, hit the power button and just have it go for
whatever I need it to do. But there are some
times where I would like to have a different
operating system to use because some applications
aren’t built for Windows, they’re built Mac. So that’s why I wanted to start
getting into Mac collecting. And I started by looking at eBay. I was looking through some listings, there was some that
offered a complete setup, there was one that I really liked, and I actually pounced on it. And shortly after my purchase, when they were packing the
computer inside the box, they accidentally dropped
the Mac and snapped its neck. So this is technically the
second G4 iMac I have ever owned. The first one I owned for like five hours and never actually saw it. The second one that I
have here is a bit nicer. It doesn’t have as much RAM in it, but there’s a processor upgrade. So, that checks out I guess. I will be honest, one of the big reasons why
I started with the G4 iMac was just because of its design. This thing looks amazing. This actually happened just
a few days ago, this story. There was one time where
I was waiting for a friend at the lobby of a hotel, and I happen to have this thing on me because I didn’t want to
leave it out in my car in a big city. So, I decided to take it with me. And I happen to notice that
the lobby also had a table with power outlets. And since this thing only
needs one outlet to run, I was like, I would love to
just casually use a full desktop iMac from 2003. I ended up shortly after
setting up the computer, getting a message from a friend who sent me a post from
one of their friends, where they had sent out that they were at, I think, a cafe, coffee shop of some sort. And they were just casually using I think it was a G4 power PC PowerBook. So I decided to one up them. I sent back a photo of
my full desktop computer in the lobby of a hotel. And my friend was like, I so badly want to afford this photo on
to the original poster. It’s like Yeah, go for it. I don’t care of my faces and they’re just send them the photo and they replied back to my friend. I sense a great fearful
power from the setup. Now I need to bring my matte color classic to the shop to up the ante. It’s great. Yeah, that’s the power of just casually using a G4 iMac
out in public it is. It is great and powerful indeed. – [Ken] So there you have it, the iMac, G4 and it was ready to be the
center of your Digital Hub. If you have a G4 iMac, I’d like
to know your story behind it or honestly for any Apple
products for that matter, feel free to drop me a line down below. And I’m open to suggestions as well. If you have any other ideas for future products you want
to see on Vintage Apple Vault. Let me know about that too. But for now, that’s all
I have for you today. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in, the
not too distant future. (techy music)

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  35. My sixth grade teacher had an iMac G4 on her desk, and she was the only one in the school that had one since she was also the lead IT tech in the school itself.

  36. Hi Cen can you install iPad os 13 public bata on your iPad Air 2 which is supported by apple inductions will follow
    You need to back up your iPad using iTunes note if you are on Mac OS Catalina bata you do this with finder once you have done that you need to archive the back up by going to the top left under the iTunes menu and click on preferences or press command and comma the you need to click on devices and find the latest back up of your iPad which might be called iPad right click on it and click and than you need to left click on archive and the name will change then you are finished on the computer you now need to on your iPad go to safari and then type in tap on the link that says apple bata software program and the you need to sign up/ sing in to the bata software program with your Apple ID and then you need to tap on enrol your device and then tap on iPad OS and scroll down tap on download profile and the you need to tap on allow then you will see a profile downloaded pop-up box and tap ok then you need to go into settings and the should be a profile downloaded card in settings at the top and you need to tap on that and then tap install and then enter you password to your iPad and tap install one last time and then restart your iPad the in setting go to general software update and the bata of iPad os 13 will be ready fo installation

  37. CRTs of the era had little flicker, especially Apple ones.

    Set your 2nd rev iMac G3 to a reasonable res, or any of the studio CRT displays or an eMac. Take a look. Perceptibly better than the G4 iMac screen. But… CRTs where super cool. Everyone wanted the, because they were cool. Compared to the standalone panels, the price wasn't that bad at the time.

    I'd argue, it was the cool factor more than the picture.

  38. I always found it interesting that all of the reasons they designed the G4 like that (drives on the side, etc) were basically thrown out with the G5. The G5 was almost exactly what they said they didn’t want to design when they moved from the G3 to the G4.

  39. You probably get asked this a lot but…
    Can you mount it upside down, mounted on a ceiling and have the screen stare down at you on that articulated neck?

    This is what I need.

  40. This was what I wanted more than ANYTHING when I was a kid. Now I feel like I should just buy one to make my inner child happy! 😂 Thanks for the video.

  41. I just found this Mac in an antique shop today. Sure it may not boot or turn on at all but I will fix you…Maccy

  42. I have a 700 MHz G4 with 512 MB ram and a superdrive, I loved that thing when I first got it. Still have too.

  43. I love the iMac G4, I always admired the design of it! I have a 17” 800Mhz model, in the process of upgrading the Hard drive and putting some new thermal Paste. I also have an eMac as well lol I got that at the thrift store for $5! They had like 10 of them at the time.

  44. I have a 17 inch 1.25 Ghz 1.5GB, and a 15 inch 700 Mhz 256GB iMac G4. The 15 inch must be an original release I guess, as it has the factory OS 9.2 / OS X 10.1.5 systems on it. I haven't looked it up to know really but I do know 10.1.x was pretty much the first actual OS X release. What amazes me about these machines is not only the out of the box design but how that design and it's implementation has held up over time.

    Not that any others afterward shared in it, but simply that, the pivoting stainless steel arm mechanisms all still work, 17 years onward without a hitch. When was the last time you saw one sagging that wouldn't stay in place? They probably exist but I haven't seen one. That, my friend, is excellence in design AND execution. One in that the mechanical outlast the technical. Brilliant.

    Oh, and yes they both work just as they did then. In fact, the 17 inch being more powerful and running Tiger can still run Ten4Fox and browse decently. And the 15" original still runs a few old school games on it and OS 9 runs the long lost AfterDark Twisted screensaver LOL. Well done Apple.

  45. I have a 17in I lamp is what I like to call it, and a 2009 Mac Pro cheese grater honestly the G4 I Mac is what got me into Apple I love the design and the functionality of it. It’s an amazing machine that I with Apple would do something like it again as a special tribute to Apple and when they were dominating the game with machines that not only looked amazing and beautiful but also powerful as well.

  46. Hey awesome video, I just walked by a classroom in my daughter's elementary School in southern California and they are using g5 iMacs still 🔥 I am the original owner of a mid 2007 iMac 20 inch 2ghz dou core that I have out of the 13 years I've had it it's only been out of commission for 1 year. Running El capitain. Next mods are a 2.4ghz CPU and a crucial SSD ! Can't wait to Finnish this and maybe find a g5 like that one's at the school.

  47. These were the computers we had at first for graphic design classes in Jr high school. I love them and I still want one in 2019.

  48. The 2002 iMac G4 Widescreen was a very important part of my childhood. All my friends would come home and we would play Otto-Matic (which by the way came pre-installed). The old System 7 PowerMacintosh upgraded to Mac OS 9 went to my bedroom when I was 6 years old (2003), because this one became the main computer.

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