Ask Me Anything with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Executive Producer Marsha Bemko

– Hi, I’m Marsha Bemko, executive producer of Antiques Roadshow and I’m doing my first Reddit AMA. – Are you ready? – I’m ready.
– Let’s do it. – All right. (jazzy music) – What is the most common, inappropriate-for-TV item that shows up? – Items related to personal hygiene, that’s as deep as I’m going. (laughs) Nobody wants to see that stuff. (laughs) – Do you have a favorite
reaction from someone who brought an item for appraisal? – Yes and it’s Fargo. We have a guest who falls
down after hearing some news. I’ve been making this show
for 21 of its 25 years, that’s never happened. – What is the strangest
but most valuable item someone has brought in? – Well the really strange
things don’t often have value because nobody want
them, they’re so strange. – Can I bring in my Grandma on her 90th birthday for an appraisal? – You mean, like, her? Seriously her? – [Zack] Yeah, the grandmother. – She’s priceless. I already know, priceless. – How do you coach the
guests who you film? What do you tell them if they
are showing nerves pre-show? – This is a conversation
where there are cameras and you’ll forget the cameras are there and you’re gonna have it
like you just told me. It’s just getting them to relax that way. Of course they get out there
and the cameras are there and they’re pooping in their pants but they get over it and we have diapers. – The entire question is
just, “Wanna get married?” – Well, I do, except
that here’s the issue, I have a line of appraisers
that I wanna marry if something happens to Paul Bemko. You get little crushes over the years. – Is being an executive
producer on TV a fun job? – It’s the freaking best. – Why? – It’s a great job. Who wouldn’t want this job? I get to travel the country, meet people, and make a show that
millions of people watch. (jazzy music)

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