Attic to Basement Estate Cleanouts Ep 73 Antique Furniture & Art from D.C.

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. The home I’m about to show you has so much antique furniture and art that I will use up all the time on this one condo in Northwest DC The man had been the Chairman of the board of directors for the complex where he lived. He had a good eye for style which Was important in his line of work as he owned a floral shop. His executives were a couple from Virginia who met me and let me know what they wanted to keep and what could go to two auction houses. There was so much in the condo and a storage room in the basement that some would go to Wechsler’s in DC and some would go to Associated Auctioneers in West Friendship, Maryland. Even though there were truckloads of art and furniture the home didn’t look cluttered. The development where he lived was the first garden style apartment complex in Washington DC. Unfortunately it was built in 1929 and the Great Depression stop the entire 2,500 units from being built. The rooms had higher than eight-foot ceilings and hardwood floors, big windows and decent sized rooms. Unfortunately the kitchen was relatively small and had no windows So I remember feeling like I was in a basement while we cleaned out the refrigerator and cupboards. Besides that it was a great condo with a lot of grass around the building which is rare in DC There was Asian style furniture and art and a reproduction Mount Vernon dining table, game table and sideboard which were appraised at $8,000 in 1993. What do you think of the glass bachelor table and the two-tier end table the wooden drawers that went under the bed? In the basement storage room were boxes of silk flowers left over from his business and a painted dresser with swivel mirror. This job took three and a half days. My helper and I packed up charity and auction ttems the first two days as we went room by room sorting. The third day We had trash picked up and Associated Auctioneers came. The final day I met Nu-Mind Movers who took items to Wechsler’s Auction house. Enjoy the photos. Subscribe to my channel and let me know what you think about this house and any others I’ve shown on this channel that Attic to Basement Estate Cleanouts took care of over 15 years you you

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