Austin, Texas Tourism : Austin Tourism: 4th Street Warehouse District

The 4th Street Warehouse District, located
in downtown Austin, Texas is bounded by West 6th Street, Congress Avenue, West 2nd Street,
and Guadalupe Street. This entertainment hot spot is concentrated mainly along the 4th
Street and 5th Street area from Guadalupe to Congress Avenue. From the early 1870s,
this neighborhood was home to houses of ill-repute. The eventual shutdown by moral crusaders in
1913 left the abandoned and suitable for little more than warehouses. After the emerging popularity
of now world-famous 6th Street in the seventies and eighties, development and revitalization
began in the Warehouse District in the late 1980s. Venues now include numerous clubs,
lounges, and some of Austin’s finest restaurants. The area also boasts a number of galleries,
antique stores, trendy furniture and clothing outlets, posh upscale condominiums, and ubiquitous
in Austin anyway live music venues. Republic Square, one of Austin’s many historic parks,
lies between the 4th Street Warehouse District and West 6th Street area. Known as “the” playground
for adults, the 4th Street Warehouse District is a must-see for visitors and Austinites

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