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Hi, I’m Steve Wyman and this is Uncommon Objects.
This is a business that we started 17 years ago and it has grown and grown. It is an amazing
accumulation of vendors that sell antique goods and it is like an antique mall only
different. It is an antique mall with a twist. The stuff comes from all over the country.
We have vendors in four different states and people shop all over the USA for the merchandise
that you find here. We specialist in quirky antiques like Lodge, Oddfellows, Masonic Lodge
memorabilia, lots of folk art, lots of amazing lighting. We have got a pair of good Elvis
lamps right now, antique jewelry and accessories from all over the world. You shouldn’t come
here necessarily with a shopping list because what you are going to find here is something
that is going to be unexpected. We have got lots of vintage toys and collectibles from
all different times frames, quilts, American quilts and textiles, ethnic quilts and textiles,
lots of decorative accessors. Furniture is something that we do a little bit of. If you
come here with a shopping list you may be disappointed but if you come here ready to
experience what you haven’t seen before you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Do you allow people to come look around and experiment with spirits? I'm a medium and very curios about this store.

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