Autumnal French Lacey Nail Design – Transparent Acrylic with Lace & Glitter

Hello everybody I’m Kirsty Meakin
from Naio nails. In this video I am going to do something naughty, we are going to do
a sexy autumnal knicker nail. Keep watching, you’ll know what I mean So I have already applied the form, and we are going to create this ballerina style nail.
And I am going to dehydrate and prime the nail. Two coats of primer. I have cameo pink and clear.
With the clear acrylic what I’m going to do is just start my little platform, so
basically creating a bit of a tip very thinly though We are going to use cameo to do a
nail bed extension. So I am creating the smile line now Small bead at the back, tipping the finger down.
Guiding it close to the cuticle so I don’t flood. I have a piece of burgundy lace because it is autumn time; we want some nice autumn sexy
pants going on in nails. Literally you could be matching your nails, your bra, and your knickers. JJ: That would be perfect. Kirsty: Awesome. Just going to pinch this
now. So after pinching I am going to apply a wet layer of clear acrylic. I am going to
place the lace on top of that. JJ: Place the lace. Kirsty: Place the lace, the sexy lace on top;
I am going to hold that down. To make that stick even more you can wrap the form backing around it and hold it down while that sets. Going to add a little bit of glitter around
the smile line. Cinnamon dust and raspberry. Cinnamon dust and raspberry; it’s like you
could eat them but you can’t, don’t So I have just got a little bead and picked
up a little bit of the gold glitter. Well it’s not gold is it? It’s like a bronzy gold isn’t it I suppose. Just going to feed a little bit of that around and mix a little bit of raspberry in there as well. I like that, it’s a big gorgeous that.
Going to encapsulate this now, and what we are doing is sandwiching the lace and the
glitter between the acrylic. That is why we put that first layer of clear down so we can
sandwich the lace between each layer of acrylic. I am going to take the form off now. Going to file the side walls and any of the lace, you hit will just file away. What you want to check as well is that you have definitely covered all the lace on the
underside and there is no lace popping through. So that first thin layer is really important.
You don’t want any lace popping through here Going to buff that. You know, when it’s like autumn time you don’t really want to wear your sexy underwear, do you? JJ: I love autumn. Kirsty: You want to wear your big comfy knickers. JJ: You can have fluffy ones but that would
look horrendous wouldn’t it? Kirsty: Can you imagine?
Going to wipe over with pure acetone. Wipe underneath and make sure it is nice and clean. Then we’re going to top coat pop that
into the lamp. I am going to finish off with some cuticle
oil on the sexy knicker nail. Sorry I have called it that now, that’s it isn’t it?
Sexy knicker nails. I love the fact it is transparent as well, that’s what makes it even more sexual. There you are, if you too would like to have sexy
knicker nails let me know how you get on. All the products we used today will be in
the description box below. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I will see you guys in the next video Buh-bye!

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  1. beautiful sexy nails I love them I'm a subbie to your channel can you subscribe Back & we can support each other πŸ€—πŸ˜‡πŸ˜šπŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…

  2. Yes I got Afew pares new one I've not wares them yet I've got them out now cutting mines up now xx 😘 love you and your beautiful nails beautiful

  3. Hi, I Iove your work! Sometimes I get a good idea for a nail design but then struggle to bring it all together with the rest of the hand! Could you do some more 'full look' videos please? Thank You xxx

  4. Ugh I wish I could afford for visit from the state's just to have you do my nails!!! You and all the designs you make are amazing!

  5. Yes a sugar skull would be great ur work is awesome! I like short nails but I would totally love getting a set of nails done by you

  6. This is gorgeous and I would love to see it on a white base. I think that would make the lace and glitter really stand out!

  7. Can you make video with 10 easy yet beautiful nail designs?( may include painting, crystals, powders etc.) maybe christmas designs ❀️ it would be great ❀️😘 Or essential guide to paint icon designs, What to begin with etc. Please thumbs up if you think alike so Kirsty will see ❀️

  8. Can I be any kind of lace? Like the kind you get at a fabric store? Or do you have to be specially designed for nails?

  9. Oh duck, i'm a rare commenter but had to for this beaut!!! Lovd it…if you ever need a model i'm just up the road…literally!! Xxx

  10. Another gorgeous design. I was thinking. Kirsty, you use the Form Backing Paper for so many things, you could market it by itself. πŸ˜‰ Love you.

  11. What I'd like to know is,when it comes time for a fill, does the entire tip need to be removed and then re-extended? Also would you charge more for a fill that requires the whole tip to be filed off and replaced as opposed to being a regular fill.Thanks!

  12. Also coloring the wal of the extended nail bed makes it more beautiful. A bit like colour blocking.

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