Avoid Christmas Tree Fires Erie Insurance

As beautiful as
our tree here is, she’s a little
bit under-watered. Using old lights, frayed
cables, power strips that have too many
things plugged into them, having candles and
other heat sources too close to the tree are all
potential dangers that basically just light
this entire tree up in the worst way possible. We’ve got a huge fire crew
standing by outside right now. We’re going to simulate
what would happen if a little spark caught
underneath the tree, and that spark
turned into a flame, and that flame turned
into losing this house. OK, so we’re going to
assume that this tree was too close to an open
flame or heat source. So we’ve got a
little fire started at the base of the tree. Now the tree hasn’t been
watered in eight days, so it’s fairly dry. And we’re going to see
how quickly the rest of it takes to catch fire. And it is going. Wow. You can see that some smoke
rising up toward the ceiling. Not even 30 seconds in and
this fire is well on its way. And that is really
starting to go up. We just lost the
lights on the tree. Wow. It looks very hot in
that room right now. [CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING] I just want to point out this is
an abandoned house, by the way. OK, just over 45 seconds in. And already the majority
of the tree is engulfed. [CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. The smoke is filling the room. If we look at camera
one over here, it looks like we’re about to
use camera one to that smoke, so we’re switching
back to camera two. And there goes the tree.

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