Ax Men: Rygaard’s Risky Plan to Keep the Wood Moving (Season 10) | History

NARRATOR: On Washington’s
Olympic Peninsula– JASON RYGAARD: Hey. CREW: What? As much as I don’t want to
be an [bleep] to you guys, we got to push hard
today, and it’s going to probably wear you guys out. We have to have six loads
today, so I want to get moved and going as quick as we can. Go to work! NARRATOR: Today,
the crew’s racing to finish a 12-acre setting
on a mountainside valley so they can move on
to the next setting. It’s going to take
a massive effort. CREW: There she comes! NARRATOR: After Steve hauls
the trees up with the yarder, Paul grabs them with
the processor’s arm and cuts the lumber to
size, also called bucking. We’ll just try and
get this road done so we can get a road change going. Perfect. [yarder honking] NARRATOR: Jason’s
setting a pace that’s pushing the crew and the
machines to their limit. [device beeping] God. CREW: That is a [bleep]
nightmare right there. JASON RYGAARD: We
just blew a feed hose on the frickin’ processor. It’s– it just popped. CREW: Can’t do anything. That’s the main feed. JASON RYGAARD: Right. NARRATOR: With a blown-out
hydraulic hose and no spares, the processor is cuttin’
a whole lot of nothin’. See if I can get
my phone to work. Hey, Dave. I just blew a– we just blew a feed hose
on the frickin’ processor, and we don’t have any hoses. All right, thank you. NARRATOR: The mechanic is on
site to fix the processor, but Rygaard’s problems
are only gettin’ worse. What the [bleep] is this? JASON RYGAARD: I’m worried
about what’s going on there. It’s not good. One of the rollers
is shattered, too. Oh, yeah. NARRATOR: The hydraulic
hose is fixed, but now the processor’s
head’s broken. The additional repair
will take hours. JASON RYGAARD: So our
little bit of a break down turned into quite
a bit of break down. We’ll get it fixed. A lot of things are
completely out of our control, but I’m doing the best I can. I just need to get
back to work and get the wood movin’, because
that’s what I need, is I need wood movin’. You guys are doing great. We gotta keep the wood movin’. Whether or not we get
it bucked, the processor will catch up later. But in order to keep
the production up, you guys are probably
going to have to pile up the wood in the corridor. John, be careful when you
start crawling up on the pile. I will. Enough standing
around talking about it. Let’s get back to work. CREW: Good idea. Thank you. Do the best you can. Let’s get that skyline in here! Welcome to the
land of loggin’. Strap yourself to your
La-Z-Boy and hang on. NARRATOR: Jason’s plan is
risky, but it’s the best option to keep working. The crew’s continuing to
haul trees up the mountain. There’s a growing pile
of trees on the landing. We’re just going to have
to do what we gotta do– get through the last of the day,
and just let the wood pile up. NARRATOR: As the pile grows,
it becomes more unstable. If it collapses,
100,000 pounds of lumber will ping-pong down
the hill, crushing everything in its path. That’s a big added
danger for the guys. They’ve got to be
watching up above and have each other’s backs. And you don’t know
when something dangerous is gonna happen. NARRATOR: As the
unstable pile grows, how long will Jason
push his luck? Oh! Whoa! You OK? [sighs] I’ll be all right. The last thing you
want to do is push yourself too hard or too fast. That’s when you’re
going to get hurt. That’s where guys die. NARRATOR: The inexperienced
leader has a choice– continue hauling and stacking,
despite growing risks, or play it safe and
call the day early. JASON RYGAARD: I know we’ll
be runnin’ in the morning. And I know as soon as we
get goin’ in the morning that we’ll be able to catch
up, because that machine’s capable of buckin’
more wood than it is. It just is what it is right now. CREW: That’s it! We’re broke down! [sighs] CREW: Hey, we’re done. JASON RYGAARD: I got
the processor fixed, and all the issues are
solved for today, anyways. So they’ve got trucks rollin’. Everything looks like
it’s on an up and up. I need to keep pushing
forward to make this company keep going. This dream that my
dad started of Rygaard Logging and taking care of me
and my family will not stop. I will struggle and
fight to protect the name and what my dad created.

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  1. It amazes me how these companies DON'T have TOP NOTCH SERVICE TRUCKS ON SIGHT WITH SMART TECHS. I SEE it everyday HERE in Washington. And They KEEP hiring mechanics with no problem solving skills that throw parts at stuff and have very little actual machine maintenance skills. THAT is where YOUR money goes, LACK OF KNOWLEDGE COSTS. GOD BLESS!!!

  2. I sure like to watch this show it reminds me of the good old days keep up the great work guys also what ever happened to the swamp Man I was just wondering ?

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