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For all intents and purposes,
we’re traveling to another planet.Hello Kjersti, sowe’ve made the final selection.The total, final selection?You’re going to the Antarctic!I am?Oh my god!Ahh!Holy wow!The Antarctic Sabbatical is
a project taking fiveCitizen Scientists to investigate
the presence of microplasticsin the interior of Antarctica.Heading to Antarctica.It feels like you’re at
this final frontier.It’s so foreign.You really feel
humbled by nature.Have you got your field
notebook with you?Yep.Yeah.Day two of the sampling.It’s so cold.We walked 7.5 miles.Marching out into somewhere that
potentially no one’s ever been beforegives you this sense of respect
for the environment that you’re in.Being in Antarctica has
opened my eyes to this ideathat the whole planet
is interconnected.It’s crazy that we’re actually
as far south as you can get.We were able to set up a lab,which meant that they could
process samples the same dayand have the first look at them.We’re in desperate need of connecting
people to our environment and theresponsibility that
we have to protect it.It’s just an amazing,
amazing group of people.When people experience
something first hand,it really resonates with them.It means that they’re more
likely to share their message,teach other people,and to be environmental ambassadors.

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  1. The use of electric vehicles and zero-emission transportation + energy generation should be mandatory for a trip like this… Why use those polluting vans in such pristine nature? Shame on Airbnb.

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