BALDI’S BIG ZOO: A Baldi’s Basics Song [by Random Encounters]

[elephant trumpets] BALDI: Welcome to my zoo! Let’s see who can name all the animals! Who wants to try next? – Ooh, me! I want to name some animals! – That’s it, just name the animals? – That’s right! – Okay, let’s see. [strange roar] Uhh… What is that? – [laughs]
He doesn’t know his animals! – What?! – Your parents will hear about this one. – I know tons of animals! I just don’t know THAT animal! PLAYTIME: That’s an Orangnuropteraptorpus! – THAT is a load of– – I get angrier for each animal you don’t know!
[smacks ruler] – It’s okay… Maybe 1st Prize can help you! – Yeah. [chuckles] I doubt that! – Is anyone planning to stop him? – Mr Baldi! It’s a Bully hasn’t gone yet! – Oh, this is absurd! He doesn’t know his animals either! [nervously]: Which probably won’t be useful later in life anyway… [true] – When will you learn? [police sirens] Wuh-oh! GOTTA SWEEP: TIME TO SWEEP ON OUTTA HERE! – We can’t leave until everyone knows their animals! – Great job! [man in moose costume screams] 1ST PRIZE: You cannot run from me, Moose. I will not rest until I have hugged you. I am gaining on you. – No picking noses in the halls! – I was scratching! [beep] Thanks for watching! Check out our other videos over here. We upload every Friday, so click the notification bell
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you can buy it right here. Beard Salute! WOOOOOO! [Baldi impression]: Special thanks to our
Patreon encounterors, like Anthony Mushrow! SUBTITLES BY: CJ RESOTKO AND OTHERS
Was ‘Orangnuropteraptorpus’ spelled right?

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