Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Historical Figure Are You Like?

History is fascinating, it’s filled with
stories of interpersonal relationships, battles and many influential personalities. In this video, we’re going to try and get
a better perspective of these Historical figures with the help of their zodiac signs. Before we do that please make sure to hit
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of the video to help support Bestie. Let’s start the list with one of the most
popular renaissance figures. Leonardo Da Vinci as an Aries Leonardo Da Vinci is a name that continues
to inspire numerous people to this day. You might have heard about his paintings the
Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. His zodiac sign is Aries, a sign that is associated
with the first house in astrology, and is related to new beginnings. When you take all these things into consideration,
you may realize that Leonardo Da Vinci’s life is a portrait of how an Aries is supposed
to be. He lived during the Italian Renaissance and
was an a total Renaissance man. Just like most Aries people, he had a wide
range of interests from art, literature and music to science and technology. He shows this in his work called The Vitruvian
Man, a portrayal that walks a fine line between art and science. It is also one of the first depictions of
the human form. Talk about setting a trend. Now let’s move to sign number two… Florence Nightingale as a Taurus When you think about a Taurus, you think of
a calculative and determined individual. The people born under this sign are also very
reliable and resourceful. Probably, one of the best examples of a Taurus
in history is Florence Nightingale. She is considered as one of the greatest personalities
of Victorian culture. Initially a statistician, Florence Nightingale
took on the responsibility of looking after wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. In those days, nursing wasn’t the best profession,
but she changed this mindset and laid the foundations of modern professional nursing. Probably her most iconic image is the one
where she’s making the rounds at hospital ward to check on the wounded soldiers at night. That’s why she was named, “The Lady with
the Lamp.” To sum it all up, she was a true Taurean. Speaking of which let’s check number three… Queen Victoria as a Gemini One simply does not talk about the Victorian
era without mentioning the iconic monarch herself, Queen Victoria. During her reign, England went through transformation
in the fields of scientific, industrial, political, cultural and military. Like a true Gemini, Queen Victoria was well-known
for her wit and intelligence. Historians also claim that she was very articulate
and capable of talking people into doing her bidding. This isn’t a surprise, Gemini is a sign
that absolutely loves to communicate. You know what, these traits probably helped
her become one of the most popular monarchs in World History. Interestingly, her reign is also marked by
many great events, the biggest being the expansion of the British Empire. Hey, you have to be something pretty special
to have an era named after you. Moving on to number four… Hellen Keller as a Cancer People who achieve their dreams despite all
odds are called POWERFUL. That is probably the most appropriate word
that can be used on the American author, political activist and lecturer, Hellen Keller. Her life story is an inspiration and why wouldn’t
be? She is a Cancer and like all those born under
this sign, she was gutsy. She never gave up on her dreams and with the
help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, she became the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor
of Arts degree. Her autobiography The Story Of My Life is
a must read if you have not read it yet. It touches on so many aspects of her life
and we guarantee you’ll be in tears by the end. As a moon child she had it all; compassion,
empathy and the bottomless depth of emotions, which as you can probably imagine, she found
hard to express. After Cancer comes the fifth sign… Napoleon Bonaparte as a Leo A person who has the audacity to even think
about conquering an entire continent, has to be given the credit for being ambitious. Leos are just that and one person born under
this zodiac sign was Napoleon Bonaparte. If there was one person in history who really
showcased the legendary Leo determination then it was Napoleon. Initially a military official, Napoleon became
a ruler after overthrowing the monarchy, in an event that has been immortalized in history
as “The French Revolution.” The lion did not stop there though, he continued
his campaign and was preparing to take over Europe. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned
after Waterloo. Yet, Napoleon Bonaparte remains one of the
most talked about leaders in history. Come to think of it, Leos do know how to leave
an impression. Now that we are done with the lion, time to
move to the next one… Mary Shelley as a Virgo Virgos are known for their attention to detail
and nothing will go unnoticed by this meticulous sign. They are also a bit shy and prefer to work
in the shadows. This is especially true when you think about
Mary Shelley. For most of her life, Mary chose to stay in
the shadow of her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley as his editor and she even helped promote
his work. When one of the greatest romantic poets of
all time chooses you to edit his work that means you have to be that good at what you
do. She had an eye for detail and just like most
virgos, she had a way with words. This can also be seen in her novel, Frankenstein,
that is a piece of fiction but it’s very detailed and urges the reader to dive deeper
into the story. Moving on from the mercurial Virgo, we go
to number seven… Augustus as a Libra When you are born under the zodiac sign of
Libra then many things can be expected from your personality. Whether it is your charm, your ability to
analyse a scenario or the way you come up with quick solutions to stressful situations. These traits helped Augustus become one of
the most well-known strategists of military warfare in his era. He was feared by his enemies because he could
easily understand their weaknesses and exploit them. Of course, he was involved in a bit of controversy
but the Libra influence was very evident in his personality. According to many historians, Augustus was
also a very charming and friendly man off the battlefield, a common trait that can be
found in many people born under this sign. Here is something that you may not have known,
he is the founder of Rome and one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Talk about an epic resume. Time for number eight… Pablo Picasso as a Scorpio What happens when you are ruled by Mars, have
a dark side, but are also very creative? Well, you get someone like Pablo Picasso. When destiny asked this question to Pablo,
he chose the life of Art. Often regarded as one of the most remarkable
painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, and designers, who ever lived Picasso’s varied
interests could only be compared to the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. As a Scorpio, Picasso had a depth that often
came out in the form of art. His passion has left a legacy that is almost
impossible to follow. He’s still considered to be one of the most
iconic and influential personalities of the 20th century. Hmm, this almost makes you wonder what were
people like Picasso or Da Vinci were doing different than us. No wonder people in MENSA estimate that their
IQs are above 200. Time to move to number nine… Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace as
a Sagittarius People born under the sign of Sagittarius
love adventure and have a knack for creating something new. This is what Lady Ada Lovelace did when she
presented her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer. She was the first person to understand that
a computer, which was dubbed as the Analytical Engine at that time, had more potential than
just being a calculating machine. She also published the first algorithm that
can be carried out by such a machine. This is why she is considered to be the first
computer programmer in the world. Now, computers are some of the most essential
devices for daily usage. Can you imagine life without them? Thank you Lady Lovelace, it would not have
been possible without you. Speaking of firsts, here is another one Clara Barton as a Capricorn When you are born under the sign of Capricorn,
you are ambitious, determined and thorough. This sign is called the CEO of the zodiac
for a reason. They like to focus on one thing at a time
and usually have everything extremely planned and prepared. They are also known to be very hardworking
and tenacious. One good example of a Capricorn who matches
these descriptions perfectly is Clara Barton. She was the person who founded the American
Red Cross in an era when there was no institute or school to give nurse’s education. She rose to prominence as being one of the
few nurses who could really lead. She served during the American Civil War period
and was also a teacher as well as a patent clerk. Due to her contributions, she was inducted
in the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1973. Now, let’s go from one personality born
under one saturn-ruled sign to the next. Rosa Parks as an Aquarius Aquarius is known for its humanitarian ways
and its constant need to find a better way for humanity to thrive. This sign often wants to reach out to others
and help which is why they do well as activists and social workers. American activist, Rosa Parks had all these
qualities and more. She rose to prominence after she refused to
give up her seat to a white passenger, which later led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After this, the United States Congress has
dubbed her “First Lady of Civil Rights” and “The Mother of Freedom Movement”. Wow! Those are some titles to live up to. This brings us to number twelve… Albert Einstein as a Pisces Admit it, you saw this one coming, didn’t
you? Oh come on, we couldn’t have left this guy
out. Born on 14th of March, Albert Einstein was
a theoretical physicist and probably one of the most notable names in the field of science. He was a Pisces and you can see the influence
of the zodiac sign in his life. Whether it be gazing outside through the window
for inspiration or to come up with one of the most famous formula of all time, E=MC2. One interesting thing to know is that when
he first proposed this formula, the scholars laughed at him, but he never lost his faith. Come to think of it, that is a very Pisces
thing to do, people born under this sign never stop believing in themselves. It paid off for him as he became one of the
names that revolutionized theoretical physics and his theory of relativity is one of the
founding pillars of modern physics, along with quantum mechanics. History is fascinating, don’t you think? Which historical figure do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below,
we would love to hear from you.

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  2. Queen Victoria was very mean to her children. She forced her daughter to marry and then made sure her daughter and son in law they were not having relations with each other. She did not want them to have children. It comes across as jealousy. She was a domineering woman. She showed people what she wanted to show but behind closed doors she was a tyrant! Typical Gemini! Lol. Look into the REAL Victoria. Please.

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  7. You're actually your ascendant sign, not the sun sign. The sun sign is just how you express yourself to the world. The ascendant is who you are.

  8. Dont u just love how there isnt a single person of color on this list, like we haven't done shit through out history at ALL?

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  14. Augustus was a Capricorn; he even had gold coins minted with Capricorn. He wasn’t too friendly when he banished his only child, Julia, from the vast Roman Empire…bc she had extracurricular affairs while pregnant (so as not to sully the bloodline; these political marriages were arranged by her father, one to his adopted stepson, Tiberius.

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