BC Vintage Truck Museum

hello fellow travelers and welcome to Exit
Thru the Gift Shop today we’ll be exploring the BC vintage truck museum in
Surrey BC a large portion of this collection was
donated by the estate of Bob King in 1974 over here is a 1929 white model 59 which
was part of the Shell delivery fleet in Vancouver this is a 1914 FWD model PT which was
put to military service in Great Britain during the Great War sometime after 1921
it was transferred to British Columbia and supported the British Columbia
Electric Railway this 1955 GMC firetruck served the
region of Hope for several decades this 1951 Chevrolet was used as part of
BCTel’s service fleet and was restored for their hundredth anniversary in 1951
the base price for this model was about $1,400 this 1946 Chevrolet is used in the community hauling stages for parades and as part of the annual Santa Claus Day parade here’s some vintage mile markers which
used to line the sides of the highways in BC before they rwere eplaced with newer aluminum models the BC Vintage Truck Museum has a
collection of about 25 or 30 vehicles that are in various states of
restoration come by talk to some of the experts here who can tell you the
background about these vehicles or making construction or lots of other
trivia all right that’s it today from the BC Vintage Truck Museum check it
out if you’re interested in in vintage machinery and truck equipment like I
said lots of experts here who have lots of knowledge on on these vehicles and where they came from please remember to like and subscribe
and I’ve also set up an interactive map so you can check out all the other
places that I’ve been to until next time it’s time to Exit Thru the Gift Shop

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