Beading Projects : How to Find Hardware For Making Vintage-Style Beaded Purses

Hi, my name is Audrey Parramore with the,
and I’m your beading expert and we’re going to talk about how to find vintage hardware
for your vintage style purses. Basically this is going to be an interesting thing for me
to talk about to you because one of the most interesting places for you to find in your
hardware is going to be at your hardware store, your Lowes, your Home Depots, your Ace Hardwares,
you know. Hunting down those aisles looking for your antique like on different hinges,
your wires, even your chains you know. If you notice they are box style purses, you
know, you’ll see. You can have fun with it in the hardware stores. Copper is a very big
thing right now since of course the cost of silver has gone up so you know I suggest have
fun, you know if you like metal, you know they have all kinds of brass. Have fun with
it. You can get your screws that you need for your hinges there and just make it so
much fun as far as finding the hardware that you’re going to use for your vintage style
purses. That’s how you’re going to find hardware to make your vintage style purses. Audrey
Parramore at the, your beading expert.

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  1. is there more to this?..cause all i got out of the video was to find hardware go to a hardware store……nothing that was specific to replicating the look of an antique purse handle or tarnishing new chains and metals for a vintage look like i was hoping to find

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