BEST antique TEAPOT ever! Manning Bowman & Co (patent details)!

hi thanks for checking out cobwebs and
chords my name is Jann and I’m excited today to share with you my favorite
teapot out of my whole collection this one has a patent on it and I’m going to
share with you what that patent is and the fact that this teapot dates back
over a hundred years. I hope you’re enjoying a nice cup of tea. I started out many years ago just
collecting teacups and I thought I was just going to keep it to that
however teapots quickly caught my eye and I just couldn’t keep some of them
out of my collection so I started a teapot collection but I wanted to make
sure that I only put in teapots that I absolutely 100% love, because teapots
quickly can take up a lot of space, they’re a bit larger than a teacup. A few
years ago my girlfriend and I were road tripping through Maine and we were
checking out all the different antique shops it was a great trip and we really
enjoyed ourselves there was one day however that we had a
fair amount of driving to do but it also turned out to be the time that we ran
across so many wonderful antique shops so we were trying to quickly run in and
out of them and check them out ended up finding so many wonderful things in one
particular shop but for some reason I convinced myself that I should only get
three pieces so I picked three pieces and I walked away from a teapot that I
just fell head-over-heels in love with and then we drove away
later that night in the hotel room I couldn’t stop thinking about the teapot
I actually called up the antique store and it was a larger antique store and it
took them quite a while but they did finally find the teapot for me they were
so great to work with I very much appreciated that and I bought it over
the phone and they mailed it home to me so it was a great present to come home
to it was this teapot this teapot has everything I could ever want in a teapot
if there was ever a perfect match between a teapot and a girl it’s this
teapot and me let me show you the spout and the handle our ornate but not
over-the-top the clean swoops and delicate curves
the top is clean and hefty but everything is beautifully proportioned
the little touches like the fine grooves on the edges the bulbous round form the
fact that it’s metal and granite where I love that combination it has a dent in
it and I know what you’re thinking that I might wish that it wasn’t there but
that’s not true I love it more because of the dent I love that it has a history
that it was used in everyday life I can hold these pieces and it feels like the
world stops for a moment inside it still has the original filter this just shook
me you can see the use and the little tear on one side it’s also enamelware
inside so just when I think that this teapot couldn’t be any more perfect for
me I flip it over on its bottom shows it simple maker’s mark Manning Bowman and
company patented January 24th 1899. 1899! one hundred and nineteen years old, at
the time that this was patented my great-great-great grandmother was alive!
So for me anything tea related that has a patent makes me all giddy inside, the
fact of this teapot has a patent… amazing, game-changer! Part of the fun is actually
tracking down the patent in the past I’ve actually had to contact librarians and actually ask them to see if they could help me find the patent and
track it down and then email me a copy, however this one was quite simple it’s
easily found on the US database of patents. So that was helpful, there is a
PDF for this patent and I’m always thrilled and excited to see the
signatures and the drawings from the creators. I can quickly imagine this form
being handed in and the interaction between the different people and
suddenly the world seems ok. When reading through this patent there’s a couple
reasons why they invented it, you see they wanted to be able to properly
adhere handle that would not radiate the heat from the hot tea onto the handle
making it very difficult to pour the hot tea. So you can see it’s at the bottom of
this handle is actually not even touching the actual bowl part of the
teapot. The other reason why they want it to be able to attach it with nuts and
bolts was so that if you dented which this one does have a big dent in but if
you damage the handle then you could easily take the handle off buy a
replacement and put that on, pretty clever!
this patent actually goes into detail about the actual connection part of it
so it’s very interesting I’ll leave the link down below if you do want to check
that patent out. after having this teapot join my collection I eventually
found another Manning Bowman teapot with the detachable handle as well
now this one’s not enamelware it’s a little bit different you can see you can
see how the ends are a little bit different the actual handles are
different but they’re very similar and they both have the same patent date on
them you know I’ve always thought that this one might have had something on it
but I’m not quite sure I’d love to hear what your theory is on it leave me a
comment below. If you enjoyed this video and
before we part and leave me a thumbs up and if you haven’t already I’d love for
you to follow along so hit the subscribe button oh and yes I do use my tea pots
this here one hundred nineteen year old teapot the teapot that I love and adore
my prized possession out of my whole collection yes it was used by friends
and family during my last birthday and I think it enjoyed it as much as I did.
until next time, take care!

7 Replies to “BEST antique TEAPOT ever! Manning Bowman & Co (patent details)!”

  1. I like seeing people this excited by a goddamn teapot. You’re alright, sister. Wait till you discover the Maning Bowman coffee maker.

  2. Beautiful teapot – I like the dent too….I just found a patented teapot too – it has a special lid…not much info on it though. It's a Webster Tunstall tall stoke on Trent pottery. Yeah – I got the same bug you do – thanks for sharing your video!….lol

  3. Enjoyed watching your video – I recently came across a Manning Bowman & Co tea and coffee pot (same size and pattern) there is a #3 stamped on bottom, but I cannot find an example of them anywhere. Do you know what the #3 means? Thank you

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