Best Moment: French Circle Dot Bru Doll, ca. 1880

GUEST: I don’t know too much about her, but
my mom did make and collect porcelain dolls. And this is one of many that she has of the,
I guess, the real antique porcelain dolls that she had. She would actually teach doll making. My dad would pour the molds. We had a kiln in the backyard and eyeballs
in all kinds of drawers and all the body parts laying all over the place. It wasn’t really something I was into, you
know, being a boy. APPRAISER: A little bit like Frankenstein’s
studio? GUEST: Yeah, it was pretty wild-looking, sometimes,
so… The only thing I can remember was a Bru or
something. I don’t even know if this is a Bru, I have
no idea, so… APPRAISER: This doll was made by Leon Casimir
Bru in 1880. GUEST: Ooh, that’s pretty old. APPRAISER: So she’s definitely antique, and
she was made in France. GUEST: Okay, it’s a French doll, then. APPRAISER: And we call her a circle-dot Bru. If we look at the back of her, we’ll see there
is a little circle on the back of her neck. And he made the finest dolls, and he was very
proud of his dolls. And they were award-winning dolls at the exposition. And what’s really wonderful about your doll
is, she has glass paperweight eyes. If you look at them, they curve out in the
front, they bulge. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: So it’s a more realistic, human
feature. She has beautifully painted eyelashes and
mauve eyeshadow. And she has this sweet little mouth that’s
just barely open, with a little light space between. Very labor-intensive doll to make. Beautifully done, with plump, rosy cheeks. She’s made of bisque, and she has a beautiful
bisque shoulder plate. The socket head goes into the bisque shoulder
plate. And then the shoulder plate is on top of a
kid body. She’s got bisque hands. And your doll has her original mohair wig,
which is often gone. And that’s an animal fiber. And then she has been beautifully re-dressed. Very period, but was not original to her. And then she has on antique shoes, but they’re
not the original shoes. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: On today’s market, she would retail
for around $12,000 to $14,000. GUEST: Wow, that’s a little bit more than
I thought she was worth. So, yeah, that’s nice to know. That’s pretty neat. (chuckles) So, wow, I didn’t think they were
worth that much, but that’s good.

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  1. Lmao his mom made dolls and he "doesn't " know if she is a bru Hahahaha yeah like you just pull that name out of nowhere. I will say the doll is beautiful.

  2. Sometimes people end up with stuff they don't deserve. Absolutely no interest in any of it, although he was able to conclude that this was a "French doll".

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