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Bundys Garage Bundy here Today Im working on a vise Im actually refurbishing it Im painting it from blue to yellow dont kknow if you guys can see that maybe the very edge of it on the jaws here they have teeth I want to take the teeth off to be able to primer this and paint it the problem Im having is I cannot get the these screws loose its basically a big standard screw so what I tried doing is going in there the ones on the other jaw came out very easily. And as I turn this nothing happens so I took a hammer here. And as Im tapping the end of the hammer Im trying to rotate the screw with the screwdriver but nothing. So what I figured Id do is Ithink this would
be a good time to test penetrating oil. Ive used
different types of penetrating oils in the past. And
what Ive read Online is that you can actually combine equal
parts of ATF and Acetone and that is, people are saying
that is the best penetrating oil that you can make or buy not buy that you can make. Typically I use Liquid Wrench you see it right
there. But uh Im actually gonna try this today. Thought this would be a perfect, perfect time
to test to test the Acetone and Automatic Transmission
Fluid. So I went to Oreillys Igot me a handheld oiler
with a spout. And what Im gonna do is fill this shot
glass up three (3) times with Acetone and fill it
up three (3) times with ATF mix it in here. And then spray
Liquid Wrench into one of these Acetone and ATF into
one of these. I dont know wait an hour maybe less
and see which bolt breaks free. So to do this lets
see how can I mark it so you guys can see, I know I will
mark it with some yellow paint that im using you know what I will actually use some of this primer. So
Ill mark it with some primer Ill mark this one with primer. And that will designate ATF and Acetone. Hopefully you guys can see that, I sprayed
just a tad there. Alright lets fill this thing up with
50 50 Acetone and 50/50 ATF. On the article I read it does not
specify what type of ATF it just says ATF. So theres one
shot, do the next shot, probably be easier if I go like
that. Feels like Im doing shots of Tequila or something. Lets
do four (4) A shot in the US is 1.6 ozs. OK get the Acetone.
Just like penetrating oil, ATF sure has a distinctive
smell to it dosent it. One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four
(4), put the cap back on that. OK Bring in the the cap for this, the oiling
mechanism, screw that on. Shake that around, its gotta be pretty
thin by now Lets see if this is, cool, ok thats tall enough Hope you guys can see this, so the time is
6:30PM Put the ATF and Acetone into this one, and
put the Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil into this one. Ok Like I said we will wait about an hour. Go have some chowits actu Come back and see if I can break these bolts
loose This one is Acetone and ATF This one is Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil Alright Gentlemen its been a little bit longer
than an hour its actually been about a week So if you remember we put Acetone and ATF
into this one Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil into this one and the amazing this is, Acetone and ATF actually
broke this one loose the Liquid Wrench Penetrating
Oil did not do anything for this one. So noting happened with the penetrating oil
on this one and ill show you right now. Turning this one a little bit There, see Ill do this one right here Turning it Nothing, Nothing at all. So as you can see Conclusion to this, little short video Acetone and ATF are probably the most effective cheapest penetrating oil you can make its a mix of 50/50 half Acetone Half ATF I saw ChrisFix do one with uh same exact ATF
as this one except it was synthetic and he counted
the threads So it works it truly does work This one right here I cant get loose So uh like always if you have found these
videos helpful please Subscribe Questions, Comments, Concerns you can emails
me at [email protected] And like always I’ll Keep’em Rollin’ for You

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  1. I though this WOULD work when I read the title.

    Sometimes you have to allow TIME and vibration for a TOUGH ONE. I bought a matched set of Crescent Brand Pliers in 1983. I quickly lost the Lineman's pliers that were part of the set. I have all of the OTHERS in the set, they have been used but taken care of. They still look pretty good, Just lost the Linemen's pliers. About three years ago, I plowed up a garden where I used to park my Welding Truck. I plowed up the Crescent Linemen's Pliers. The Rubber handles were still on it, they were faded on one side where the sun shone on them through the short grass. That side showed a nick on the rubber where it was grazed by a "Bush Hog type mower.

    Over a little bit of TIME they were BURIED. So, they were out in the weather until they got BURIED under the clay soil. they were there for 30 years until I plowed them up with the tractor.

    I have a VAT I made to soak rusty parts. Let me tell you, they were REALLY RUSTY. I am in North Texas, it is not a desert, though we have had issues with rain. The soil HOLDS moisture. These Pliers were RUST welded at the pin and everywhere two pieces touched. You of course KNOW that when steel RUSTS it SWELLS. the Pin swells, the hole it is in gets tighter too.

    So I THOUGHT they were ruined or no use at all. But, I through them in my VAT and let them soak about two weeks. After that I would take them out about once a week, and TAP them all over with a small ball pein Hammer. Just tap tap tap all over lightly. Then throw them back in. Once a week every week I would take them out and TAP all over. Finally after about 6 or 7 weeks, they "GAVE" just enough I could feel it. Could not really see the movement but I could feel it. Threw then back in. Kept on doing that a week or so, then it Moved some MORE, then I started soaking and tapping on a daily basis and then then they turned loose all the way. Once I could move them back and forth I kept rinsing them in the vat and Moving the part and rinsing. You COULD take them out everyday from the beginning and TAP TAP TAP. but after 30 YEARS I was not in a hurry, I thought they were RUINED anyway.

    They came LOOSE, I blew them out with compressed air, cleaned them, and I BUFFED them up until they shined on a Buffing Wheel, and NOW they are in my Tractor Box, I use them to cut and bend WIRE to use instead of "Cotter Keys" on some of my tractor attachments. The Pliers have a few PITS on them. But they are STILL GOOD for what I use them for now. The PIN is just s little bit LOOSE of course because after the rust was removed it is not slightly smaller than it was originally.

    The Solution I use VARIES depending on what I have laying around. I THINK at that time, it was half and half Motor oil and MINERAL SPIRITS PAINT THINNER. I usually will mix up just what I have. Sometimes I use Diesel Fuel in there if I have run out of other oil, but it will stain some metals YELLOW, really GOLD. But Mineral Spirits will work all by itself I have found.

    I am NOT surprised this works though. I have made Light "lubricants" for certain tasks, if you take Brand New CLEAN 30 weight Motor Oil and thin it a little bit with MINERAL SPIRITS Paint thinner, you can make a LIGHT OIL for lubing certain tools etc. The lighter you want it, the more thinner you put in. You can make a VERY FINE HONING oil for Oil Stones for sharpening KNIVES and Other sharp tools lie this. The BEST HONING OIL, BAR NONE is BABY OIL!!! A really good knife on a HIGH DOLLAR STONE I use Baby OIL!! I CLEAN the STONE with Mineral Spirits. After sharpening the Knife, clean it off with Mineral spirits and it will make the knife very clean, and it leaves just a LITTLE BIT of an oil coating. It works for me. Always test first, or try to find out if this is Compatible with any Fancy HANDLES on a knife. It is MY rule of thumb, if the Knife is any good at all, it won't hurt the handle. If it does, I probably would not want the damned Knife anyway.

    I would bet MONEY this ATF and Acetone or even Mineral Spirits would work VERY WELL in a small VAT for soaking. I USED to use ATF to "Charge a Fuel Filter for the 18 Wheelers I used to drive when I was young. Damned filter freeze up in Canada, spin the old one off, take the new one and fill it to the top with ATF, spin it back ON, hit the starter button and she would BUST OFF every time. They claimed it would clean injectors, but I am not sure about that. I have ALSO poured ATF on a REEFER Trailer floor to make it slick to slide a LOAD out of it, like BARRELS etc. Slide them to the BACK of the trailer.

    Mineral Spirits will work as a "penetrator" all by itself. Anything that works is GOOD to ME. But I was pretty sure this was going to work when I read the title. But that second screw, I would take my time. Tap and soak, come back tomorrow, and do it again. That didn't look that bad, a few days, it will come loose. VIBRATION helps A LOT.

    For drilling steel, I use the bulk liquid WD 40. It really works WELL for drilling the steels that I drill. I have tested IT against other products and my own "Light Oils" I have mixed myself. It works every time. I try COOKING OIL ONCE, GAWD, I had to SAND IT OFF the work table of my Drill press. that shit is AWFUL, it is CHEAPER than motor oil but it sucks and I have been eating that shit for all of my life. No wonder my arteries are screwed. BB

  2. Ive got my last two spark plugs on the left rear of my 5.4 triton motor froze up. All the others came out east. I soaked em in carb cleaner. Liquid wrench. N trying sea foam now. Anyobe hv any advice other than dint buy a ford

  3. Definitely the better solution. I've had the chance to see the results many times! Thanks for the video!

  4. 100% believer in this — probably the most useful thing I've learned on YouTube in a long time. I just used it to loosen a fire hydrant cap that heating and hammering couldn't even touch (not an active hydrant, one for a fountain project). Truth to God, I mixed this, poured it on, tapped it with a hammer to help it move down the threads, and left it for an hour. I came back and it twisted off with only moderate resistance. Thanks for the video—literally saved me a thrown-out back.

  5. Lmao I just finished watching ChrisFix's video. Its how I got to yours! I love watching ChrisFix's video. I've learned a lot from watching his stuff lol

  6. Kroil. You can thank me later. Yes it's not cheap but man is it worth it. You can use it for everything from breaking rusted bolts free to using it as part of your gun cleaning regiment.

  7. Great video. But, please be aware that not all of your viewers are gentlemen. Some of us ladies love to work on cars. Thanks for the great video.

  8. I used this for my coilover height adjustment rings. They were soo tight. Even after soaking it for a week, it still won't budge. Six months later without putting more ATF & Acetone, I tried to turn the rings again and it was soo easy to turn them..

  9. This does work. Works better than vinegar for rust removal on parts or tools. There is an old recipe for cleaning the bore of a gun called Ed's Red. Just do an Internet search for it. The title mentioned Kroil but you didn't show it. It's good stuff and comes in aerosol that makes it handier to carry. Expensive and stinks like pinesol but it works 10 times better than Liquid Wrench or PB Blaster.

  10. i have bought the Liquid Wrench and sadly it didn't do anything for my rusted jammed nuts on my mazda3 2006 transmission oil pan. From many videos now, i have seen, it seem Liquid Wrench is only a little better than wd40 and far away from Kroil Oil too. I'm gonna do this mix and with left side drill bit, hope it will finaly work. Thanks for the video.

  11. Just used the 50/50 Acetone ATF mix on a seriously corroded catalytic converter section. Between that and a rounded bolt gripping socket head I was able to get it off. That stuff is a miracle if you don't have access to a lift or an impact wrench. It was the deus ex machina I was praying for, just douse the threads and wait. PB Blaster certainly didn't have that effect and it stinks like holy hell.

  12. Acetone is extremely toxic to your body. The vapour will damage your lungs and it will lodge in your organs. Wear gloves and mask and protection. Youll get cancer down the track and not know where it came from. Often solvents.

  13. Great stuff thanks! Will this work on rusty tools… I have some rusty ax heads, hammers, etc from my Grandad but stuff like evaporust is a bit expensive! Thanks!

  14. Working on farm equipment always involves rusty bolts covered in mud and cow shit along with rust frozen pins … lol

    PB Blaster has worked well for us over the years but I have some ATF sitting around the shop (used on Agco Allis braking system) and a couple cans of acetone so I'll definitely have to give that a try!

  15. Used ATF fluid and 55 gallon drum with thinner dump the whole outboard gonna come back a week that you can take it apart!!

  16. Right on, doesn't matter if you've been turning wrenches for decades or months. You're learning stuff pretty regular or you're doing something wrong imo.

  17. I have heard that is some good stuff that 5050 mix. I have an old oil can In my outbuilding and since I'm getting ready to rebuild a Jeep engine your video has inspired me to make some 5050 and put it in that old oil can because I'm sure I'm gonna need some penetrate oil on this rusty engine. Thanks for your videos very informative.

  18. lmao "alright gentlemen it's actually been a little longer then an hour…'s been about a week." made me laugh hard

  19. Red Diesel…………Red in the UK means untaxed and not for use on the road………There may be equivalents in other countries, such as farm diesel ……..So maybe just ordinary diesel in an empty spray bottle, such as one used for window cleaning or household cleaning liquid. Penetrates very well and if left to soak on pieces you wish to separate it does a great job. One gallon of the stuff, (obviously decanted into a smaller spray bottle for use age), will last you a lifetime. Just think about it. Just how many seized or rusted items do you free during your life..?
    Represents great value for money as it is one liquid……so no need to buy two liquids to mix or blend.

  20. This has been going around the internet for a long time. Apparently the original formula wasn't just ATF and acetone. The two don't mix (PSF was also tried). They used trichloroethelyne as the solvent. More here:

  21. I saw a video using "Wrench Penetrating Oil" and Carb Cleaner to help remove Spark Plugs from 5.4L. The penetrating oil is expensive as sh**, so I thought your suggestion would be better. Would this be bad to spray on the plugs?

  22. Saw another video that was much more rigorous.. And Liquid wrench was superior.. But the homemade mix was better than the remaining consumer penetrating oils..

  23. Sorry to say this, but the screw on the right might be in a lot tighter than the one on the left. There is more to it than just the penetrating oil.

  24. Thanks i will try this i dont use penetrating sprays never had any luck no matter the brand- but i will give this ago. By the way thats my kinda " hour" when your trying to get things done in the garage.

  25. Would it not be a good idea and, perhaps a little more conclusive, to apply the 50/50 mix to the screw which remained "stuck" to see if you got the same result. The only thing that is certain here is that the screw on the left side of the vice jaw came out. Perhaps you did do this.

  26. my partner who borrows stuff and never puts things back where it came from really p….d me off again. No liquid wrench. made a batch of ATF Acetone mix and holy smokes, it worked!!! WooHoo !!!!!!

  27. FIRE WARNING: I've tried this mixture. While squirting it on corroded, stuck nuts and bolts, I noticed the viscosity of the stuff changed as the squirt container was about half empty. For my own edification, I mixed some more acetone and ATF in a clear plastic container with a lid. After combining the two in this container I shook it hard until it looked mixed, then let it sit for a while. It separated out within minutes into it's original ingredients. Not good.

    This "mixture" is not a good solution to homemade penetrant, for several reasons. First, it's highly flammable, so if you're also warming your corroded parts up with a torch to assist with loosening them, strafing the hot parts with this "mixture" could touch off an explosion of flames! Second, the typical refillable spray container with the spray wand is NOT meant to be shaken because as you may already know if you're a mechanic, they leak badly from the top. With the penetrating "mixture" needing to be shaken often to keep it from separating, this also constitutes a fire hazard. Third, the acetone is going to evaporate off the parts you spray it on very quickly, since that's how it behaves. It will leave behind the ATF to do the real penetrating, rust dissolving work.

    This "recipe" has unfortunately been widely reported as a good substitute for commercial penetrants. ATF by itself, or brake fluid will work quite well by themselves. You don't have to shake the squirt can just to make it useable, and they are both effective rust dissolvers.

    Try the mixing/separation test for yourself, then make your own commonsense decisions. Spread the word.

  28. Yeah but maybe Liquid Wrench woulda’ worked, had u come back in an hour. ? I cracked up when you said a week! That was so funny!!

  29. Muriatic acid they use for brick cleaning works best of anything I have ever used. You can buy a gallon for about 10 bucks and buy a small plastic bottle with about a 4 or 6 inch extension. I use it full strength and the rust will melt off. Also great for removing rust on parts. I have cleaned many a engine block gave to me free because of cylinder rust. Free good BB Chevy engines that I have used in drag racing. Big projects like that I use a garden sprayer out side and don't breath the fumes in.

  30. Well I did like this "partly". Should have then used the acetone and ATF on the still seized screw to see if it works! That would be more convincing! Each of those screws may have been locked/seized just a bit tighter than the other.

  31. Not really the best test because you didnt torque evenly but atf and acetone works in a pinch but I usually use singer machine oil even tho it isnt made for penetrating, it is the best money can buy. If those dont work, torch it until hot but not red then apply oil.

  32. In this situation you could have used an impact driver that would have got the screws out real quick. Over the next week I will try ATF and Acetone mix 50 50 and put it on my rusted bolts every day. Finally one week later I will try to get the bolts out. ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid. I will let every body know if I get the bolts out.

  33. Pard? Try greasing the new equipment with a synthetic oil or grease! But, there would be no moment of fame on you tube. Preventive maintenance. I’m thinking this is staged as well

  34. This looks like a covert ops with the dark lighting. I'll give this a try, rant out of Blaster but have plenty of ATF and Acetone on hand. Thanks!

  35. I am calling BS on this. ATF and Acetone dont mix. They are like oil and water. He didnt even try to mix it well. If he had a clear jar he would have known that. Even in a pint jar after shaking vigorously they only stat mixxed for less than 5 seconds and they separate out. You wont be able to get the lid off the jar before they separate!!!! He was spraying straight ATF from the bottom of the can….LOL

  36. What's great about this is the penetrating oil is under high pressure and when you spray it it goes everywhere on your face on your work bench in the air.

  37. Cheapest your going to find.

  38. Can you please advise how to unlock this bolt located on a delicate L shaped bracket, when I turn the wrench the L shaped bracket bends and will snap off. I have tried the usual techniques…vibration/acetone+oil etc already Very tricky, dont want to drill it out ??????……..

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