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Bundys Garage Bundy here Today Im working on a vise Im actually refurbishing it Im painting it from blue to yellow dont kknow if you guys can see that maybe the very edge of it on the jaws here they have teeth I want to take the teeth off to be able to primer this and paint it the problem Im having is I cannot get the these screws loose its basically a big standard screw so what I tried doing is going in there the ones on the other jaw came out very easily. And as I turn this nothing happens so I took a hammer here. And as Im tapping the end of the hammer Im trying to rotate the screw with the screwdriver but nothing. So what I figured Id do is Ithink this would
be a good time to test penetrating oil. Ive used
different types of penetrating oils in the past. And
what Ive read Online is that you can actually combine equal
parts of ATF and Acetone and that is, people are saying
that is the best penetrating oil that you can make or buy not buy that you can make. Typically I use Liquid Wrench you see it right
there. But uh Im actually gonna try this today. Thought this would be a perfect, perfect time
to test to test the Acetone and Automatic Transmission
Fluid. So I went to Oreillys Igot me a handheld oiler
with a spout. And what Im gonna do is fill this shot
glass up three (3) times with Acetone and fill it
up three (3) times with ATF mix it in here. And then spray
Liquid Wrench into one of these Acetone and ATF into
one of these. I dont know wait an hour maybe less
and see which bolt breaks free. So to do this lets
see how can I mark it so you guys can see, I know I will
mark it with some yellow paint that im using you know what I will actually use some of this primer. So
Ill mark it with some primer Ill mark this one with primer. And that will designate ATF and Acetone. Hopefully you guys can see that, I sprayed
just a tad there. Alright lets fill this thing up with
50 50 Acetone and 50/50 ATF. On the article I read it does not
specify what type of ATF it just says ATF. So theres one
shot, do the next shot, probably be easier if I go like
that. Feels like Im doing shots of Tequila or something. Lets
do four (4) A shot in the US is 1.6 ozs. OK get the Acetone.
Just like penetrating oil, ATF sure has a distinctive
smell to it dosent it. One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four
(4), put the cap back on that. OK Bring in the the cap for this, the oiling
mechanism, screw that on. Shake that around, its gotta be pretty
thin by now Lets see if this is, cool, ok thats tall enough Hope you guys can see this, so the time is
6:30PM Put the ATF and Acetone into this one, and
put the Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil into this one. Ok Like I said we will wait about an hour. Go have some chowits actu Come back and see if I can break these bolts
loose This one is Acetone and ATF This one is Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil Alright Gentlemen its been a little bit longer
than an hour its actually been about a week So if you remember we put Acetone and ATF
into this one Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil into this one and the amazing this is, Acetone and ATF actually
broke this one loose the Liquid Wrench Penetrating
Oil did not do anything for this one. So noting happened with the penetrating oil
on this one and ill show you right now. Turning this one a little bit There, see Ill do this one right here Turning it Nothing, Nothing at all. So as you can see Conclusion to this, little short video Acetone and ATF are probably the most effective cheapest penetrating oil you can make its a mix of 50/50 half Acetone Half ATF I saw ChrisFix do one with uh same exact ATF
as this one except it was synthetic and he counted
the threads So it works it truly does work This one right here I cant get loose So uh like always if you have found these
videos helpful please Subscribe Questions, Comments, Concerns you can emails
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