Best Space Gifts 2019!

– Hi, it’s me, Tim Dodd,
the Everyday Astronaut. It’s that time of the
year for us fans of space, space flight, and rockets to
try to explain to our families what exactly to get us for the holidays. If you’re anything like me, you can never have too
many awesome space things. I did a video like this last year and you guys seemed to love it, and of course those gifts
are still available, so be sure and check that
video out for more gifts. This year’s are going
to just be new things that I found in the last year, or things that I forgot last year that are definitely really cool and have caught my eye and
kinda been on my radar. These are things that I either
have got in the last year or things that I have on my
wishlist this year as well. And a lot of these things are really exciting and really cool. And for your easy shopping
or those shopping for you, I’ve put links in the description below for all of these items and
also an article version that you can just send off
to your friends and family. And just full disclosure here, some of them are affiliate links, which can help me and this channel here, but I didn’t do any sponsorships. There’s no sponsored, hey, Tim,
just put this in your video. These are just things that
I personally really like or things that are on my radar, things that I’m asking for
this year as well for gifts. So with that said, let’s get started. – [Narrator] Three, two, one, lift off. (upbeat mystical music) – [Neil] That’s one small step for man. – [Man] (mumbling) with a test one – So let’s start off this year just like I started off last year and that’s with a Lego set. Now this year, Lego came out
with the Apollo Lunar Lander, which a couple years ago they came out with their Saturn five model, which was incredible. This year’s has a few less
parts than the Saturn five, but it’s still unbelievably intricate and unbelievably detailed and I just love that Lego is
starting to do more and more of this and I hope that
they continue that trend. When I started doing Everyday Astronaut, live five or six years ago, I couldn’t find space stuff in stores and now you can just walk
into stores like this and find awesome things by Lego and I just really hope they keep doing these types of things
because they’re awesome and they’re really fun
for your whole family and of course, they look
really good on display as well. Next up, I think one of the
best things to happen this year was the Apollo 11 film. Now if you haven’t seen it, what? How did you miss it? This was incredible. This was CNN documentary and they actually took all this old film and restored it beyond
anything I’ve ever seen. They took some of the
seven millimeter scans to literally IMAX quality film. They re-scanned it,
re-mastered it, edited this, just absolutely stunning documentary around the Apollo 11 mission with never before seen footage. You can get these on Blu-ray
if you have optical drives, which I actually don’t
have a single optical drive in my life anywhere. So, for me it has to be digital. I downloaded it on iTunes but you can get it on Amazon
and a few different places. There’s going to be
links in the description to a couple different options, but definitely, if you are
looking for a good gift or if you haven’t watched
that, you need to watch that. That’s definitely something to ask for this holiday season. Now here’s one that I forgot last year that I’m actually, genuinely ashamed of. I forgot to include the thing that probably takes more of my free time than anything else, ever, and that’s Kerbal Space Program. This is, of course, the
video game that I use in a ton of my videos. It’s taught me so much about space flight. I understand orbital mechanics and just kind of the
physics behind space flight because of a video game. And, I know I talk about this all the time and I know it’s in a ton of my videos, but it really is a phenomenal
tool for you, yourself or if you have kids. This would make an excellent gift for them to be able to explore and learn physics in
a curious and fun way. And it’s not like, it can
be a little bit intimidating but there’s a lot of really
good videos out there from people like Scott Manley, Matt Loan. I’ve got a couple out there doing Kerbal that can help you understand
how to play the game. It is unbelievable and of course, this is going to be the last year, they keep upgrading version one and it’s better than ever, but next year they’re coming out with Kerbal Space Program two. It’s still worth it to add
Kerbal Space Program one until they get Kerbal two out. Kerbal two I’m really excited for. A lot of beautiful looking updates. But Kerbal one is still just unbelievable. Definitely, definitely,
if you don’t have Kerbal, I don’t know if I can consider
you a real space flight fan. Space flight fan, yeah. Okay, now this one, I found
while looking for cool gifts for myself and this is
absolutely stunning. This is a record set of Voyager. So the Voyager missions, you know. There’s Voyager one and two and each of them had a golden record placed on the side of the vehicle and there’s a lot of
audio of different things representing Earth and this set was just absolutely gorgeous. There’s a couple different
versions of stuff like this. This one was like the ultimate one that I just thought was gorgeous. It’s little bit more expensive but I love the way this looks. I love, I’m going to be asking for this for the holiday season. I just think it’s really beautiful, comes with a beautiful book and I just want this. That’s really all there is to it. They remastered the original tapes and I think this would
pretty much bring a smile to anybody’s face if they
know what they’re looking at, especially with the famous golden record on the Voyager spacecrafts. Yeah, I think this is just really cool. Again, this is one that I don’t have yet but I hope I get for this holiday season. Next up, you guys are always
asking me for book ideas and I don’t actually read that much. I love audio books for those long trips that I take. You know, like down to
Boca Chica, Florida, and all these different places. I’ll sit in a car for
like two days straight for a lot of these trips. So I love audio books and one of ’em that I’ve been listening to and that I actually have
read a decent amount of the physical pages is Ignition by John D Clark. And this is kind of a classic book. If you need a full overview of rocket fuels and kind
of get the understanding of how the inner rockets work. It’s a good rundown. It’s little technical for some people and it can kinda drag on a
little bit from time to time but there’s actually a lot
of really fun stories packed in this book and it can really help you with chemistry and just again, an overall knowledge of
how rocket engines work. Next up, we have The Case for Space by Robert Zubrin. Now I haven’t got my hands on this yet but it’s going to be an audiobook that I will be listening to, again, on future road trips. But Robert Zubrin, in case you don’t know, did The Case for Mars
which was an amazing book. I think I had that recommended last year. If I didn’t, he also has
The Mars Direct Plans. He is the founder of The Mars Society. He’s a big supporter, especially of SpaceX and Starship because it
literally ties in directly to something he’s been
championing for like 20 years on how to, basically, get
humans to Mars and back. So I’m really excited
for The Case for Space because I know it’s going
to be a passionate book like his other books and all his topics. He’s definitely a fascinating guy with a lot of passion, a lot of drive and really, really
smart, thought out ideas. So, I know this is gonna be good. I’m just gonna recommend it
before I even get my hands on it because I’m excited for it. The next one that I’m also excited to read but I haven’t been able
to get my hands on yet is Beyond the Known by
my friend, Andrew Rader. Again, he also recorded an audiobook so I will be doing that version myself. Andrew Rader is an awesome guy who, he’s written a couple other books, even done board games and stuff and I’m just really
excited to read this one because its, I sat down and
actually talked with him about it earlier this
year and it’s really a lot about kind of the human
tendency to go and explore and how, you know, our next natural step is we’ve pretty much explored our planet as to get more and more into exploring our solar system and
eventually beyond that. So, I’m really excited to listen to that and for those of you that read, I’ll try to get more
and more books out there but again, I only listen
to like two or three a year just based on my time and availability. So, these are the three that I, again, have either read or cannot wait to read. So, hopefully, you like
some of those as well. Okay, it’s definitely time
we talk about space merch and now this could be, basically, just the big, “hey make sure and go to”
section of this video. I don’t mean for it to be that but personally, I really
like my merchandise and a lot of hard work has gone into making them extra like,
super extra premium awesome this year. If you haven’t noticed,
the shop has changed like 180 degrees from
where it was last year. We’re really, really stepping up quality. Everything is hand printed,
hand sewn on patches right here in the United States and I really am excited
about all the merchandise we have in this year. I just got some new things out here for the holiday season, including
this lunar mission shirt which is really cool ’cause it’s based on a picture of Gene Cernan about to get into a lunar simulator, a
lunar module simulator, and it just, I don’t know, something about this is really cool. Each shirt, or most of the shirts, have these custom sew on patches which just make ’em super cool. There’s also a new ode to Delta two, which is of course my favorite teal rocket to ever fly. Although it’s no longer flying so that’s why it’s an ode to it, but it also kind of has
that holiday feel as well. That print, if you get it during
Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which depending on how
this video comes out and when it comes out, you
might not have a lot of time to get on that. But, check that shirt out for sure. It comes with a free
print during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, maybe get on that asap. We also finally have full
flow staged combustion. It’s like a hoodies in store and just a bunch of other
awesome merchandise. Again, if you’re shopping
during Black Friday, it is 15% off through Cyber Monday and 15% of store-wide,
which is pretty crazy. And, of course, everything will get to you by the holiday season. We’re good and stocked up. I’m overstocked in a lot of things. Buy a lot so that we won’t run
into any problems this year. So, wish us luck. Be sure and check out other companies, SpaceX, Rocket Lab, ULA, Boeing. They all have really good web stores too. So, if you’re just looking for, literally my wardrobe
is entirely space stuff. That’s not an exaggeration. I do have one button up that has rabbits ’cause I really like rabbits. I wanted one that had squirrels but I can’t find one with squirrels. But other than that, literally
everything is space flight. My socks, my underwear, like everything. It’s a bit of a problem. But, I always find inspiration and can’t wait to buy new shirts. Even though it’s already ridiculous, I’m sure there’s other people out there that are just like me, but definitely shop around
on these websites here and get some good ideas going. Maybe put together a nice list
of your favorite merchandise. It’s definitely the easiest way to, I think, show your love of space flight is to be walking around
with a super nerdy shirt on and people will pretty quickly understand what kinda thing gets you excited, so. Space merch, there’s never enough of it. Now, this year I’ve been traveling a ton. Like, I’ve been away from home more than I’ve been home by quite a bit and this year I also
happened to get my hands on an Arlo Skye suitcase
just because it had an occupy Mars badge, which I
just thought was incredible. So, I just had to share that
because I have been lugging this thing around everywhere. It’s gone through some beatings already. Like it has been, just thrown around. It’s handled it really well and it’s really well made. It’s definitely a pretty premium suitcase. So, unless you do travel quite a bit, maybe that would be
outside of your price range because luggage and suitcases can get really, really expensive. If this didn’t have the
occupy Mars thing on it, I would still be super stoked on it and I would still
probably prefer this over any other suitcase I’ve ever owned. But, just having that branding on there, I’m like, sold, this is
exactly what I want in my life. So, I recommend it just
’cause I really like the way it looks and it’s held
up really well already and it’s been, literally,
all around the world, just in like six months
or nine months, so. I can’t recommend it highly enough and it looks really, really cool and I just feel awesome
pushing it around, so, maybe you will too. And lastly, I thought we’d do
something a little different for a gift idea and
that’s actually supporting your favorite creators. And I do this, personally,
through Patreon. You can also do YouTube memberships if they’re a YouTube member or buying prints if they’re
a rocket photographer or something like that. But just go out and support
your favorite creator. It’s really hard, it really is hard to make it, I guess, a
financially valid career to go and pursue things like space flight or education, things like that. It can be really risky. I know that, myself,
I’ve spent weeks in Texas trying to have Starhopper
do some Starhoppery things and that’s really expensive and can take away from
a lot of other things and a lot of opportunities. I know so many rocket photographers that are out there shooting
every single launch or as many launches as
they can possibly attend, flying around the world
to cover this stuff. There’s other awesome YouTube educators that are doing a lot of work
to produce awesome content. I support a lot of people
because I can’t wait for them to keep doing what they’re doing and supporting them through
something like Patreon or YouTube memberships or buying prints or whatever is the best
way you can help them free up space and time and money to be able to continue
to do what they love and hopefully, something you love as well and that you get a lot of value out. So, a good equal win-win
thing for this holiday season would definitely be supporting
your favorite creators on Patreon. Best of all, you can often
times get extra bonus content and extra fun things for you
to kind of fill those gaps of waiting for the next launch or waiting for the next video to drop. So, join me in supporting creators by going to Patreon or
YouTube memberships. Shop around. Find your favorite creators, drop them some extra
love this holiday season. It’s a total win-win for you and for them and helps produce more and
more educational content that can help spread the love of space and space flight and scientific literacy. So, maybe that’s the most
important thing of this year. Well, I think that’s
gonna do it this year. I’m sure I forgot a bunch of stuff and I’m sure you’re
gonna tell me about it. And if I see some things
that I really like and missed, I’ll try to pin it
in the comments section here. But, otherwise, definitely
check out last year’s video because there’s a lot of
good ideas in that as well, that again, I didn’t want to repeat ideas from last year to this year, so, definitely, check that out as well if you want more ideas. Send this to your friends and families so they know what to get someone, someone like me that’s
really hard to shop for. Hopefully, this really helps
your friends and family find that perfect gift that
would actually mean a lot to you but also just
kind of show your love of space and space flight. Let me know if you have any other ideas. I have a lot of videos coming out, a lot of videos. I’m working really hard on some fun ones and get ready, I’m gonna try to drop a bunch of ’em around the holiday season. So if you’re sitting around bored on break or you just have some down
time in between events, I hope I have some awesome
content for you to watch. All right guys, that’s gonna do it for me. I’m Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, bringing space down to
Earth, for everyday people. (upbeat mystical music)

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