Best things to see in Seattle, USA – Space Needle, Pike Place, bubblegum wall

today we’re in Seattle and we’re at Pike
Place which is on the waterfront. It’s really cool this is like a huge bustling
market. There’s crazy stuff happening like fish being throwing did you see him throwing the fish? Was
it good? Is that like the highlight of this market? yes, I agree. lots of food there’s
food from all over the US you can get a corn dog you can get barbecue get all
sorts of stuff there’s some fiddling happening the cool
place to come to if you want to spend a day it’s Saturday today there’s a lot of
people out here They’ve got the original Starbucks and there’s such a big queue out there. Is it always this busy? I ain’t queueing but if you want to see what the original Starbucks looked like out here this is the place to come to
it’s nice to see actually and this is where you come for shopping for a
bit of food it’s kind of quirky place What do you like about this place? Everything really. Like just the style of it. Ya. It’s got a cool style right it’s kind of
like the industrial vibe little bit flea market. I like it. Sweet shops, there’s a sweet shop. We’re going into the sweet shop of course. there’s a little shop here that does these
little cheesecakes we’ve got an Oreo chocolate covered and this cheesecake
and it’s super nice so good Nice and small so you can have lots. what’s really nice about this place is
there’s a little bit of arts and crafts little food a lot of food actually but
you get like this kind of American, arty kind of vibe it’s really nice and that’s
a good way to come out to Seattle for a day and check out what there is. That’s Pike Place. Hi. So we’ve just been to The Pink Door. it’s the coolest restaurant it’s so hip and cool is right by Pike Place and they do
the most amazing food little Matt over here he had the best what did you eat
chips the best chips ever the had garlic it was super tasty fresh mayonnaise it was awesome right yeah yes so that’s The Pink Door at Pike Place it’s a great restaurant. There’s a thing here called the
bubble gum wall and it’s one of the tourist attractions. It’s more like a bubble gum ally actually you can smell kind of a strawberry smell.
This is for sure one of the strangest touristic curiosities I’ve ever seen but it’s very
popular with everyone, so clearly it works. Ohhhh Space Needle. If you come to Seattle you have to come to the Space Needle. That’s where we are now. We’re about to go up there cannot wait to see the views Where are we Matt. Space Needle. Have you ever been
up the Space Needle? No. Are you looking forward to it? Yes What are you hoping to see there?
candy and candy and candy Candy? Well I hope there’s candy up there, but I don’t think so. I think we are going to see the Seattle skyline. Are you looking forward to that? The views from up here are absolutely
amazing you get to see CBD on that side water on that side. The views up here are just spectacular. You have to come up here its iconic and rightly so

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  1. Ahh looks like you all had so much fun! I've never been to the Pink Door but the shots you showed make me want to try it

  2. Super…your smile awesome..!!!
    All your vloggs aaaare supperb….gd bless u dear….

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