Bike Maintenance – Part 1 – The strip down- Vintage Peugeot Premiere Fixie Restoration

Hi im Andy and this is another restoration project this is a Peugeot Premier dates back to 1988 has the Carbo Light Frame I managed to get hold of this on E-Bay It was £50 Unfortunately it didn’t come with any wheels but what I plan on doing with this is making it into a Fixie So I will be purchasing some brand new wheels for that anyway I have actually seen one of these built up in these colours thats why I’ve gone after this frame so it should look really good when Ive finished I’m going to strip it sown to start with as I always do I’m going to have a look at the frame itself Im going to try and render any spot rust and take it from there just have a good look at the frame once its been stripped down after we’ve given it a proper clean and t-cut it So lets get on lets get cracking and should be a good one Right OK well I’ve managed to get it stripped Im going to take out the bottom bracket That feels a bit loose and a bit wrong anyway managed to get it all stripped down or as much as I want to anyway what I am going to do is there is quiet a bit of spot rust As I mentioned what Im going to do Use a bit of KaRust at first let that work its magic On the actually rust itself and then Im going to T-Cut the whole frame down and then Im going to take it from there and then its a matter of buying all the bits and then putting it all back together brilliant I can’t wait Well the bikes completely stripped down As I mentioned before the frame had a bit of surface rust on there So what I’ve decided to do this time instead of having it sent off and sprayed up I am going to attempt to clean up the frame myself so what I’ve managed to do to keep the cost down I’ve gone down to a local Halfords store and got an actual Peugeot Iron Grey which seems to look the same its metallic as well but it keeps the cost down as I say because I’m not going down to a colour shop and having it colour matched which did cost me a bit of money one time So trying to keep the cost down managed to get hold of that got hold of the touch up kit as well which is the same just for any small spots and also the stickers I could buy an actual new sticker set but that again is going to cost me and I fell as though you never get it exactly the same and once I’ve done that I’ve just got a body shop clear lacier Just to go over the whole frame itself So lets crack on and see how it turns out

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  1. What kind of crankset is that, I wanted to convert my 77 ao8 and was curious about if the bottom bracket would be a pain in the ass, or if I could just get a new one?


  3. The 80s Pugs are gorgeous. It's a shame to turn them into dreaded Fixies! I have a PH8 in metallic navy with the same colour decals as this in superb condition. I had a white PS10 in the 80s but I let it rot in the garden shamefully!

  4. I have purchased a Pinarello Suprise 53 cm frame, would it be worthwile to purchase all other parts for the bike for a rebuild considering that the bike when built would be worth £700.00 if I was to sell it.

  5. Hey there, love your vids and also the music! Why dont you mention it in the description? Really would like to know, esp. in the Viscount resto vid!

  6. Hello, great video! I have a Peugeot carbolite 103 and i want to restore it. There are some spots on the frame where the paint came off or you can see sraches and i want to paint it but i want to keep the original decals on! Is there any way to paint just those spots not the whole frame? Thanks for your response! Keep the good videos!

  7. Hey Andy,
    My name is Jesse and I am 15 years old. I am building a fixie very similar to yours and I was just wondering what bottom bracket you used, because I am a little bit overwhelmed by the different types of threading etc!?
    PS I think your videos are great!!;)

  8. What a beauty. Just recently bought me a peugeot 1968 or something bicycle from the original order. He said it was tuned up and ready to go. However he lied. I am getting the bike fixed, and goign to get it cleaned. I hope my bike turns out like that

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