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Beneath an ever-evolving skyline is a city where history, craft and innovation flow
through graceful streets and canals. Birmingham truly is one of Britain’s great surprises. Birmingham, or Brum as the locals call it, sits in the U.K.’s West Midlands,
halfway between London and Liverpool. Most cities are the product of bricks and mortar, but Birmingham is built on innovation and imagination. Birmingham is a place of constant renewal, yet the city’s people remain ever-proud of their regal history and industrial heritage. Delve into Birmingham’s past
at the age-old stronghold of kings and conquerors, Warwick Castle. The story-soaked walls of
this medieval fortress date back over 1000 years and have witnessed Birmingham’s
steady growth into the powerhouse it is today. The city itself began in
the 12th century as a small market village at the crossroads of Britain’s early trading routes. Merchants and craftsmen
brought wealth and knowhow to Birmingham, earning it the title, “The City of a Thousand Trades.” During the industrial revolution, over 170 miles of transport canals were built, that’s more canals than Venice. Water became the lifeblood of a city which would soon boom
into the U.K.’s second largest metropolis. At Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, get close to the cogs, pistons and pulleys that powered Birmingham during the industrial revolution, then catch a glimpse into the
city’s newest technological frontiers. Change has been a constant in Birmingham’s history. Rising from that first muddy
crossroads market, is the Bullring, one of the city’s many
futuristic retail and restaurant utopias. While Birmingham has redefined modern shopping, the city remains the proud
custodian of traditional hand-crafted riches too. Wander along canals and
parks to the Jewellery Quarter, a thriving urban village which sits at the edge of the city. Goldsmiths began smelting, soldering and selling their
wares here in the mid-16th century, fusing the craft into Birmingham’s DNA forever. At the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, learn about the riches that
Birmingham has brought to the world and witness traditional
techniques in perfectly preserved workshops. After a few pints in the Jewellery Quarter’s swanky bars and microbreweries, head to Digbeth,
the city’s bohemian heart and soul. Savor the funky flavors at the Digbeth Dining Club, where artisans simmer, fry and sauté
a smorgasbord of innovative goodness. Follow aromas of coriander
and cardamom to the Balti Triangle, where innovative Pakistani chefs helped make Birmingham one of the
UK’s most popular curry hotspots. Birmingham is also the birthplace of one of the world’s most beloved confectionary brands. Cadbury World can be
found four miles outside of the city, where the pioneering Cadbury Brothers created their worker village of Bournville
and large chocolate factory in 1870s. A banquet of a different kind
awaits at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery which exhibits creative treasures from across the ages. One of Birmingham’s greatest
masterpieces is rendered in brick. Aston Hall was commissioned
in the early 17th century by Sir Thomas Holte. Once the high sherif of
Warwickshire, Holte believed that he needed the grandest residence money could
buy to show off his power and wealth. Today the structure is a heritage listed reminder of the Birmingham’s history of architectural innovation. A few centuries later, Winterbourne House and Garden
was built for John and Margaret Nettlefold. This restored estate is
now one of the UK’s finest examples of an Edwardian arts and crafts villa. The tradition of architectural
innovation continues into the present at the magnificent Library of Birmingham, the perfect place to ignite your imagination. Once your literary passions have been fired up, take the drive to Sarehole Mill, the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest stories. J.R.R. Tolkien spent his childhood around this mill, which inspired his fictional realm of Middle Earth, the setting of The Lord of the Rings and other novels. Whether it’s sustenance for the soul, fuel for the mind, or food for the body,
Birmingham is sure to satisfy every appetite. From high-end shopping to hand-crafted riches… from the red bricks of history
to the gleaming shapes of tomorrow, Birmingham sits forever
at the crossroads of a proud past and a future of endless possibilities. And crossroads, as every
traveler knows, are the most exciting places to be.

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  1. I have never been to Birmingham England before; after seeing this video, I would love to go and visit the city for myself.

  2. In about a week I will land on Birmingham airport and have like 3 hours until I have to take a bus to Manchester. Can someone recommend me what should I manage to see in that time?

  3. Wow wow and only wow such a awesome video is this, Expedia please take me in your team give me any work, I want to travel the world like you. explore each and every city, thank you so much for showing such a beautiful places around the world 🗺 ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Lovely city. Been there and I usually struggle to choose between Birmingham and Manchester which is better. Please do videos of Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol, Newcastle, Belfast and Brighton

  5. Nicely made video, you sell it well. Yes, there is tons of stuff to see and do in and around Birmingham. But take it from one who is from the area. The city is a bit of a concrete jungle and the traffic is mayhem. Not a pretty city by any means. Plan around this and make sure you see things in a 30 mile radius and you will have a fine time.

  6. J.R.R Tolkien lived near five ways/Edgbaston (Stirling road) Birmingham early on
    He often drank at the garden in and references both the two towers (perrots folly and the waterworks tower) as well as the ivy bush pub
    He only later went to sarehole mill but the real history of his life is covered up so tourists are guided towards bourneville where they'll spend more money

  7. Wonderful city as well as the whole country ! Beautiful nature landscapes, unique architecture of the past amid modern one. Glad to listen to a bit of history and know about origin of customs and traditions. Thanks a lot !

  8. After London and the Liverpool docks, Birmingham was the most bombed city during WW2. Hence why it needed to rebuild quickly after the war finished. It had to, out of necessity, build with little consideration to form and function and in the process created swathes of concrete buildings etc to try to rebuild itself. Got the reputation of being a concrete jungle. However if people care to actually look around it still has remarkable buildings old and new and probably is now the best city in the UK in successfully merging the past with the present.

  9. Some of the comments on here are disgraceful and have been made, I suspect, by people masquerading as Brummies. I’ve introduced people from Australia, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere to Birmingham and all have loved the city. Why? Because they came with enthusiasm and open minds, rather than to sneer and look for things to dislike.

    As the video shows, Brum has many treasures, some more hidden than others. There are places not shown in this video, including the Town Hall, Centenary Square, St Paul’s Square, Ikon Gallery, the Barber Institute, Cannon Hill Park and the Botanical Gardens. The German Christmas Markets are rightly renowned. The city has some fabulous pubs and the gastro scene is buzzing. However, Brum’s greatest treasure is probably its people, who are warm, funny and down-to-earth; the perfect antidote to London’s bolshiness.

    Brum is not perfect. The skyline is still quite brutalist, the ring roads are still chock-a-block with traffic and the city has some run-down areas. This is changing though. The city plays host to the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and some of the less pristine areas of the city centre are undergoing a renaissance. Skyscrapers are rising, warehouses are being converted and the metro system is being extended, with new lines planned. One of these lines will take you to the Black Country Living Museum, setting for some of Peaky Blinders‘ most atmospheric scenes.

    So yes, ignore the trolls and the snipes of the London media. Birmingham is a proper city with plenty to offer. Come and see for yourselves.

  10. Expedia is by far one of the best travel channels in YouTube. I have been following your amazing contents. Inspired by you, i started my own YouTube recently 👌💪

  11. Lazy, lazy video production. Overuse of slider (Especially in one direction right to left), video not horizontal, colours are awful, all wide angle shot (No close ups).


  13. I live in Birmingham and believe me it's not as nice as this video is making out, lots of homeless people and crime can't wait to move out of this crap hole of a city

  14. 0:57 FAIL! Not even a minute in and you've confused Birmingham with the neighbouring city of Wolverhampton. If you want to upset a Brummie say "Oh, your from Wolverhampton?" or vice versa. With all due respect to the good people of Wolverhampton, they are different cities with their own strong identities. Bit of a boob there Expedia or to put it another way…yow aye frum round ayer am ya?

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