Birthday Card for Tim Holtz

– [Voiceover] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today, I’m making
a very special card for a good friend of mine who happens to be in
the crafting community. You may have heard of him. It’s for Tim Holtz. Today, as I’m doing this
voiceover for this video is his birthday. By the time this video goes up, his birthday will have
been the day previous. But I wanted to show you guys how I created this
birthday card for him. I’m going to be
seeing him at the Craft and Hobby Association
Trade Show this weekend so I actually get to
bring the card with me and deliver it in person,
which will be really special. So in honor of Tim, I
thought I would create a card using some distress inks and sort of meld a
little bit of his kind of grungy, vintage
style with my more clean and almost cutesy style. I’m sure you guys
have come to know, here on my YouTube channel. So I’m starting out with four different colors
of distress ink, but I’m only going to
use the first three, like the lighter three. I’m gonna omit Black
Soot for a minute here. I’m using Antique Linen, Frayed
Burlap, and Walnut Stain. I’ve smushed those down
onto my Craft Sheet which is a very slick surface and then sprayed
that with some water. Then I’ve smushed some
watercolor paper down on top. This is some Canson
Montval watercolor paper. It just happens to be the
one that was out on my desk. But really, you
could use whatever watercolor card stock or
watercolor paper you’d like for this particular technique. This is one of my favorite,
favorite techniques to do with distressing. It’s one of the first techniques that I actually learned
from Tim himself. I watched a lot of videos online and then I saw him
demonstrate it in person. It’s always been one of my
most favorite techniques to do with his products. So I smushed my watercolor
paper down onto the surface, dried that off, and
then using all of those leftover droplets that
are on my craft sheet, I just pounced that
watercolor paper back into the ink. It puts on these fun splotches and water droplet-type shapes. So after I had all of that
texture all added on here, I’m gonna come back in and
add some more water on top. If you’re new to distress
inks, you might not know this, but distress ink, even when
dry, is reactive with water. So I’m sprinkling on some water and then picking that
up with a paper towel and it sort of wicks away that
color and bleaches it out. It’s a really fun technique. So I’m doing a second piece
of water color paper here and this time, I’m using
the other three inks. So I’m taking out Antique Linen and I’m using the
three darkest inks: Frayed Burlap, Walnut
Stain, and Black Soot. I’m going to the exact
same steps that I did on the previous piece
of watercolor paper. So you’ll notice I’ve got
kind of like the lighter color on one end of the
watercolor paper and then I went to Black
Soot on the other end. I sort of wanna
keep it that way. Once you see both of these
watercolor pieces together, you’ll understand more
what I’m going for here. So I’m making sure I’m adding
in lots of different splotches and just getting a
lot of that texture. This is kind of what
Tim is known for, all of this really, vintage-y, almost like rust-like texture. It’s really, really cool. He loves anything
vintage and antique. He’s really fun that way. I wanted to make sure I
incorporated some of that look into this card, using my heat tool to help
speed up the drying process. Like I did before,
I’m just gonna do a few little water
droplets this time and I wanted to
let you guys know, that Distress Sprayer that
I’m using, if you lock it, you can have it unlocked
and get a full spray or you can lock it
and just get like, the tiniest bit of a spray. If you lock that
Distress Sprayer, you get some really great
water droplet shapes. So I pretty much finished with both of these
watercolor pieces. So I’m gonna show
you them end to end and you can kind of see
what I was going for. I really wanted it
to sort of start with really, really light color. Go to a medium tone and then go to a darker
shade at the other end. Going to be die-cutting
some hearts. These are some mini hearts. I think these are the Mini
Movers and Shapers Hearts from Tim Holtz from
his Sizzix line. I’m using a, they’re magnetic. I’m using a metal tray and I’m going to be
cutting out these hearts out of this watercolor paper. Because these dies
are steel-ruled dies, meaning that they actually
have like a thick, piece of steel that
cuts the shape, I can cut out both of
these watercolor papers at the same time. It’s really time-saving
and it’s a great way to use these dies. So I’m gonna go
ahead and run this through my die-cutting machine. This set of two
hearts, three times. But I’m cutting
both pieces of paper at the same time. So in the end, I’m going to
end up with twelve hearts. They’re all going to be
kind of in varying shades. Now I’m now going to use the
Birthday Balloons Stamp set from Simon Says Stamp. This is one of the stamps
that I designed for Simon. I’ve arranged the hearts kind of in a light
to dark arrangement that’s roughly the size
of the front of my card. Then I’ve taken one
of the center hearts and I flipped it over so that I can use the back
of the watercolor paper. I’ve stamped “Birthday
Wishes” in VersaMark ink, applied some Hero Arts
white embossing powder, and then heat set that
until it was melted. The melted embossing powder is going to resist any of
the color that’s put on top. So I’m painting on
some Black Soot. I want this particular
heart to really stand out. It’s the one heart that’s
going to have words on it. So I wanted to make sure that
it would really stand out on top of everything on
the front of the card. Using my heat tool to
help heat set that, I added lots of water on top. I did kind of the same
technique I did before but on just this
one little heart. Then I took a paper towel
and kind of rubbed off any of that ink that was
on the embossing powder. So now I’ve got the
basic design of my card and I’m making sure that
it’s the right dimensions, that none of those
hearts are going to overlap the edges of the card. I noticed that that top
heart, the white one, was just is a little
tiny bit too big. So instead of trying
to make things fit and I really try
to make them fit, I decided to just
take my scissors and trim down that heart
just to be slightly smaller so that I could get
everything to fit on the front of the card. Then to transfer everything
over all at once, I’m taking some really
wide painter’s tape. Think this is the two and
a half inch painter’s tape. I just put it on my
arms so it would pick up some of the oils from my skin and make it slightly less tacky. It’s pretty low tack as it is so I probably could’ve
skipped that step. But I wanted there
to be no chance of the tape tearing
my watercolor paper. So then I lifted those
up and I’m gonna put some foam adhesive on the back
of all of the hearts. Just little tiny squares
of foam adhesive. Then I lifted that
all up in one piece and transferred over to
the front of my card. The card base I’m using today is cut to four and a quarter
by five and a half tall, once folded down. It is 110 pound Neenah
Solar White card stock. So you can see how easy
that tape peels off the watercolor pieces. It made it super easy
to adhere all those after I had the
design figured out. So I decided I wanted to
add a gold embossed edge to this card. I decided this after I already
had the hearts adhered. I think if I was to
make this card again, I would’ve done this
kind of border technique before adhering the hearts because then I wouldn’t
have had to deal with kind of working around
the watercolor hearts and I possibly would have made the border a little bit thicker. So I’m using some Rich Pale
Gold embossing powder from WOW. Just applying that to the edges after swiping some
VersaMark ink on there. Then I used my heat
tool to heat set it and melt the embossing powder. Doing the same thing to the
“Birthday Wishes” heart. Wanted to make
sure that there was some gold accent
on that as well. So I’m going to sprinkle
on some more of that Rich Pale Gold embossing powder. This is one of my favorite
gold embossing powders. I like it ’cause
it’s not too yellow. It has a little bit more
of a brown tone to it. So I’ll melt that with
my heat tool once more. Then I can press it
down onto the card front exactly where it was before. That foam piece
was already there so I just pressed it
right down on top. That’s gonna finish
the card for today. Happy birthday Tim! I hope your birthday
was fantastic and I can’t wait to
get this card to you while I’m at CHA this weekend. To everyone else, thank
you so much for watching. I will catch you guys on Monday
for a brand new card video. Thanks for watching and I’ll
catch you guys next time. (upbeat contemporary music)

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