Black & White Vase of Tulips

welcome back to Candy’s Art World
I’m Candy and today I’m going to be doing a face of tulips the photo was
taken at an angle and it was black and white face with red tulips and it really
caught my eye and I was like why can’t I do this in a piece of art so I decided
to use my inktense pencils for this project after drawing in
the vase and the flowers in the leaves I used I used my masking fluid to keep the
white spots on the vase wine and that included some of the stripes and some of
the well the white stripes white and also some of the black area white for
reflection of the light that was hitting the vase so when you put your liquid masking
fluid on you do have to step away and give it a time to dry before you start
coloring or painting on your project this video sped up so I wanted to make
sure that you knew that I had walked away for the while and let that masking
fluid and dry completely before I started these it’s pencils are really
really cool they go down like a color pencil but then you just use water to
activate it and then it is like it turns into ink instead of because if you do
color pencil work and you use odorless mineral spirits it comes to life too but
these are way more vivid so I worked on the vase first and then I
went up and started coloring the tulips and then I put in some shadowing before
I started the stems and leaves and the good thing about this this
medium if you don’t like the way it looks after you add water you can let it
dry and you can add a whole nother layer to it and change the look completely
with with the inktense pencils by Derwent and they also have intense
blocks to just be sure to let your your artwork
dry between stages or between layers and stuff I decided to use a little bit of
my arty set brush pins to do the shading on on this piece because I just really
like that particular gray and the inktense pencils that they don’t really
have a gray they have multiple different shades of black and the pencil set but
not a grey and you can take it off and like scribble on scratch paper and add
water and transfer it over to your piece if you want to or you can use the
intense blocks and add all extra water to it to get a gray shade but I really
like the ease of my art ease of brush pens for shadows and their these are
both water-based or soluble mediums so they go hand-in-hand very well and you can see on on this I used much
two contrasting colors on the greenery and leaves so I went back over with a
more similar toned green still different but a little closer so that way the
leaves kind of match better with each other and then use your rubber cement eraser
to help lift the the masking fluid and then touch up any spots that might have
got missed from overdoing the masking fluid I hope you enjoyed watching please
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