Blazing Fires Rage Across the Globe, Sudden Darkness Befalls the Daytime Sky

Skywatch Media news for the end of
August 2019 the earth changes happening across our planet are escalating in
frequency and severity and the whole world is watching it unfold at this
moment in time wildfires are burning across the globe clogging the sky with
smoke from Alaska to the Amazon the smoke from fires is so bad that it is
being seen by satellites as it now blankets large portions of South America
and the Arctic the horrific wildfires comes among reports that this past July
was the warmest month ever recorded on earth
dating back 140 years the average temperature for July was one point seven
degrees above the 20th century average here’s where the statistics get very
interesting and at the same time very worrisome nine of the ten hottest
recorded July’s have occurred since the year 2005 the last five years have
ranked as the five hottest last month was also the forty third consecutive
July with above average global temperatures so let’s take a look at
what’s happening across the globe that has generated these worrisome signs in
Alaska the fires are burning out of control in a state that has been
experiencing record-breaking fires for months at least two and a half million
acres of pristine forest is burning across Alaska so far this year the smoke
is so bad and the fire so intense that people are abandoning wilderness tours
and vacationers have canceled their Alaskan trips residents have been
advised to stay indoors due to poor air quality the fires have become a real
threat in Brazil’s rainforest smoke thick
enough to nearly shield the Sun is blanketing parts of the Amazon as flames
ravage the forest beneath nearly 10,000 new fires have been reported in the past
week in total nearly eighty one thousand fires have been recorded in the Amazon
rainforest this year which is nearly double the 2018 totals this increase
appears to be deliberate the Amazon rainforest comprises 1.4 billion acres
of some of the most important and biodiverse land on the planet it is
known as the lungs of planet Earth producing 20% of the world’s oxygen the
areas marked in red here on this map indicate every fire that began burning
since mid August of 2019 it’s now more difficult to see the land surrounding
the Amazon in satellite imagery provided by NASA fires are burning in several
large states in Northwest Brazil creating smoke that is covering 1.2
million square miles of land on the evening of August the 17th the glowing
smoke in Brazil looked ominous it has been said that the sky never darkens
while the Amazon burns the thickening smoke is even darkening the skies of
Brazil’s largest city Sao Paulo located thousands of miles from the fires across the Atlantic there are presently
more fires burning in southern Africa than in Brazil but the media has focused
all of their attention on the South American inferno satellite data is
showing that there are nearly 10,000 wildfires that are raging across the
countries of Angola and the Congo according to NASA which operates the
Aqua satellite over 67 thousand fires were reported in south central Africa in
a one week period in mid-june of 2018 as farmers employed slash and burn
agriculture to clear land for crops on the African continent it’s more
difficult to know what’s happening as next to no news reports on the fires in
Angola or the Republic of the Congo have surfaced from the Western media
furthermore the issue has not been placed on the agenda for immediate
concern by the nations of the g7 instead all of the attention has been directed
towards the fire dilemma in the Amazon rainforest the world map depicted here
represents all of the fires detected by satellite imagery over the past year as
you can see much of our planet is experiencing tremendous fires and it’s
happening in places where they were previously considered to be rare events
the Arctic regions in Siberia are burning at an historic rate even as vast
stretches of the African savanna and the Amazon rainforest are going up in flames
although the Amazon is widely described as the lungs of the earth where forests
produce oxygen while storing carbon dioxide the forests of Siberia are as
important to the environmental stability of this planet as are the tropical
rainforests without the natural ability of the
forests to cleanse the Earth’s atmosphere while producing shelter and a proper
habitat for important animal and plant species the prospects of our survival
will in the long term become much more uncertain thanks for watching

60 Replies to “Blazing Fires Rage Across the Globe, Sudden Darkness Befalls the Daytime Sky”

  1. That darkened sky must be those pesky planets they're hiding from us…it happened in here in Canada this past year or two. Nobody knows what's happening.

  2. I stopped at about @ 2:43 or so with a question that popped into My Skull. IF the Intense and Thick WildFires Smoke causes an event of 3 Days of Darkness, Would that Be As ForeTold in The Book of Revelations? (I think…) Like Would that Fulfill that Scenario/Prophesy? I Hope this makes sense.. Ok now for the Rest of Your Video, which is Very Informative so far!

  3. We had a mild summer in Texas, June and July were nice. I just don’t believe in global warming. I think weather changes naturally or it could be the crap they’re spaying in the sky.

  4. you are aware that the earth between 900 ad to 1300 ad was 4 degrees hotter than today, it was called the medieval warming period ! also the industrial revolution had not started so we need more co 2 to make the planet greener not less, very suspicious all these fires in the lungs of the world !!!!

  5. The magma is rising from the center of the earth, the heat from energy waves from the solar system, and there is a coronal hole in the sun and is facing the earth, we are in a position that no one can change, it's beyond our control, God help us all

  6. Why is the first I've heard of this ? All I have been seeing is flooding all over rhe place, not one thing about fires. Jeeez

  7. Since 2007, when the American Association of Petroleum Geologists released a revised statement, no national or international scientific body rejects the findings of human-induced effects on climate change.

  8. Someone is causing these fires, the governments are working together trying to cover what’s truly happening, niburu is close

  9. Thank you for your report. I live in Santa Cruz Bolivia, where part of the amazon rain forest lies. Our forests have been burning for more than 21 days, and over 2.4 million acres are gone. The tardy reaction of the actual populist-socialist government unforrunately is not considering the great extent of the situation. God help us!!! Our World is burning 🙁

  10. 3:34 into the video, you have a fast walker or a very fast light moving object from the left to the right of the screen.

  11. Wildfires are NATURE, providing fresh ground for young and vibrant renewal. ALL that smoke contains C02 that the young plants need. All that ash provides vital minerals for aggressive growth.

    PINE CONES require tremendous heat to burst open and spread the seed. NEW growth, replenishes the land and provides cover for small animals.

    It's ALL NATURAL. Don't panic.

  12. Maybe there is something visible in the skies from Alaska ((they)) are trying to hide. Hmmmm. See "The Final Days" channel. I've verified her findings on the federal aviation webcam site. They ARE NOT PHOTO-SHOPPED.

  13. Great, Thanks, but don't you have some ideas as to why this is happening? Volcanic activity? Man made? Are the Elites changing the atmosphere to make way for the return of pre flood creatures? What do you think Steve?

  14. The Arctic and Amazon Fires 🔥 are being PURPOSEFULLY SET!!! This was the EXACT SAME CASE as in Paradise California; where to this DAY 55,000 residents ARE STILL MISSING; YET CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT SAYS THEY MOVED……

  15. Thanks for keeping us informed of these events. Very important what you are doing and excellent presentation always! I also enjoy the music you choose. You never fear-monger, always direct, clear and concise with information, with a pleasant and clear voice. We appreciate your channel!

  16. By the clear Book,
    Indeed, We sent it down during a blessed night. Indeed, We were to warn [mankind].
    On that night is made distinct every precise matter –
    [Every] matter [proceeding] from Us. Indeed, We were to send [a messenger]
    As mercy from your Lord. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
    Lord of the heavens and the earth and that between them, if you would be certain.
    There is no deity except Him; He gives life and causes death. [He is] your Lord and the Lord of your first forefathers.
    But they are in doubt, amusing themselves.
    Then watch for the Day when the sky will bring a visible smoke.
    Covering the people; this is a painful torment.
    [They will say], "Our Lord, remove from us the torment; indeed, we are believers."

    Interested to know more?

    Please Read Quran, the book that will touch your soul and give u everything that u wanna know.

    Luv u all…😘

  17. Thanks, Steve.
    Indeed, no news coverage on the fires in DRC and Angola!
    The fire season here in Oz has started two months early, as our land is parched! Drought is quite severe, especially in NSW.
    We need rain!!! 🙏🙏
    We have high 20°C temps now and "spring season" hasn't even started!!

  18. Soon the global echo systems will collapse and then it will be our turn to go extinct.
    All this dust and ash will cause more precipitation and flooding too.

  19. If you look at solar cycles and earth cycles you will see they go back much farther than 140 years and what about the coldest temperatures or the wettest years? There's so much more going on. Don't be fooled by partial statistics. Get the big picture. The hailstorms, flooding, and early snow. Grand solar minimum is effecting the entire world and will for years to come I beg you get all the real facts

  20. Hhhuuummm, that’d be one way to kill Ebola, super Ebola, Zeka, Duange (sorry about spelling) viruses 🦠

  21. I cringe and weep for the animals, because they are the innocents in all this, our human depravity. As for the Amazon rainforest, that's planetary genocide; Bolsonaro should himself be dumped in that raging inferno like the defenseless animals for refusing global passionate attempts to put out those fires. It may be Brazil, but it's OUR planet. And who will take care of the injured wildlife?

  22. In my opinion , its going take a mass extinction event to save planet earth . greed for the all mighty dollar consumes most men. Its a sad thing to say but i think things are going to get worse on this planet.

  23. This is devastating news. I did not know so many fires are raging and so much loss not only of humans but of the animals. Not a flood but the fire next time.

    REPENT NOW while you still can!

  24. This is sooo sad, but I know this is the new norm for us😏We aren’t just losing forestry, think of all the animals we are losing, also. Breaks my heart😔

  25. I believe 100% the aluminum from worldwide geoengineering makes the fires burn hotter and more intensely. The trees and plants absorb it from the soil, then burn like torches.

  26. Yep we can get to the moon, and even send satalites out of our solar system, but cant put out wildfires on earth ffs.🤬

  27. The AMAZON FIRES ARE CAUSED BY MAN. The President is PROMOTING THE BURNING OF THE AMAZON FOREST FOR FARMING AND MINING There are plenty of reasons for fires but this one is ARSON.

  28. I so enjoy your channel and informative videos. Thank you for your relentless hard work and research, bringing us important messages and status of important global issues. Much gratitude.

  29. all by design the powers that be WANT the sun blocked per Dr David Keith of Harvard fires and volcanic eruptions work as well as all the planes spraying aluminum etc the chemtrails are called SAI or stratospheric aerosol injection by the sceintist

  30. Strange, I’m reading an article about Parts of Russia experiencing its coldest summer temperatures in over 150 years. Seems the extremes are going both ways!
    Am I allowed to say that? Cold.
    There, I just said it again.

    My prediction. Coldest winter in decades and fires will be the cause, blocking out the Sun.

  31. Why does no one remember this happened in the 80's, and they made the same big deal about it then…. buy some rain Forrest save the earth…. geeeze guys come on

  32. Revelation 8:7
    The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. It's just begun, and notice that all the trees and grass are GREEN that are burning!

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