Bonbon and Tommy Review Vintage Toys!

– Hello everybody, – Hello, I’m Bonbon. (chuckles) – And I’m Tommy. And today we will be
reviewing some vintage toys. Take a look at it. We’re gonna be look at them all. With Bonbon. – With me, yay! (upbeat music) – Welcome to Tommy’s Puppet Lab. – Enjoy the show. (lighthearted music) – [Tommy] Okay everybody, here are all the toys
we will be reviewing. So let’s begin. – Toys, yay! I’m Bonbon, nice to meet you. Where’s Funtime Freddy? – [Tommy] Well, he’s in storage right now, but I thought I would borrow you because I was hoping to
do a toy review with you. – Hey, where did Bonbon go? (lighthearted music) – [Tommy] So right here we have ourselves two colorful looking cassettes. – Oh, they’re pretty. Hey, they need the tape player. Alright, let’s play the tapes. (laughs) – [Tommy] Yeah, this is actually an old vintage Fisher Price. Here, let’s just take this off. Fisher Price. Yeah, so I guess Bonbon wants me to take a closer look at this. This is an old Fisher Price tape recorder. You’ve probably seen this
in a couple of my videos. And yeah, you put a cassette in there, I don’t have one, and you can record. The volume control. I even still have the battery cover. So we’re gonna test this thing out. So let’s test it out, shall we? (feedback) Hello? Testing, testing, let’s listen. – Hey, the microphone matches my colors. – [Tommy] Yeah, hey, look at them. Got Bonbon’s colors on it. – That’s cool. – [Tommy] Here, you wanna try it? – Hi, I’m Bonbon! (feedback) Come work at sister location… (loud feedback) – [Tommy] Okay, alright, wow. Wow, that was loud. Okay. Thank you Bonbon. So anyway, that’s what this is. However, what we’re
gonna be looking at here are not actually cassettes,
they’re board games. But I’m gonna show you them right now. So we’re gonna put this thing away. And now let’s take a close up look at these really cool looking board games. So here are the cassettes. Bonbon is watching very closely. They look like cassettes, but you’ll notice they have numbers on it. However, these are called Flipsiders. These are very old. But really, what’s underneath this is actually a magnetic board game. So this is your dice right here. You just spin it. (whirring) So I just rolled a three. And the game tokens are actually in here. You get some colored game tokens, if I can get them out. Little stubborn. Yeah. (lighthearted music) Well as you can see, and
this is actually magnetic. I actually do not know
how to play this game. Otherwise, I’d show you. But this thing’s magnetic. See, look at that. I flip it upside down, and they stay on. These are actually travel games. This is a game that you play in your car when you’re bored during
that five or six hour travel. And this is your dice. (whirring) This is your dice, so
you just give it a spin. I just rolled a seven. So five plus two equals seven. So that would mean, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Like I said, this did not
come with instructions, well it did, it came
with French instructions. Unfortunately, I only
speak very little French. I never really learned how to play this, but that’s what this looks like. And the other one is
actually a different game. Let’s take a look at that, shall we? So it’s got the dice on here, so I’m gonna give it a spin. (whirring) Now this is color coded. One is red and one is blue. So these ones are actually the same. So maybe this is a game
that required two dice. And maybe, perhaps, this is a
game that requires one dice, but each player get their own color. So anyway, yeah. The pieces are already jumping out of it. Game, you flip it out. It looks really interesting, honestly. But yeah. I honestly do not know how to play this. I wish I did. It looks interesting. You just give her a spin. (whirring) – I have a question. – [Tommy] What’s that Bonbon? – Why do you have a board game that you don’t even know how to play? Why did you not keep the instructions? I wanna play a board game. – [Tommy] Well, I think I did have the instructions a long time ago, but I guess I must have lost them. (lighthearted music) – I’m Bonbon. – [Tommy] Heres an hold
handheld video game here. It’s called The Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles Basketball. And it was made by Konami in 1989. So this is actually really old. So it’s actually almost 30 years old. And it still works. (electronic beeping) So I’m just gonna show it
to you really quickly here, just what the gameplay is like. (electronic beeping) (lighthearted music) So here’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It was made by Tiger. So this is your control. Goes up, down, left right. This is your action button, and you can toggle the sound. Alright, so I’m just gonna
quickly show it to you. (electronic beeping) So yes, so those are the two
electronic handheld game. I’ve actually already show it to Bonny. So I’m just gonna show you the other ones. I’m not gonna bother showing Bonbon, he can ask Bonny. Now here’s an old vintage electronic game. It’s called Pinball Rider. So I’m just gonna show it to you. What year is this? It doesn’t show the year it was made. But I know I got this in the 90s, so this is actually fairly old school. We’ve got two AA batteries. Good thing I started this show prepared. So we’re gonna put the batteries in and let’s see if it still works. I haven’t played this
in a long, long time. Yep, it still works. Can you see the screen? Now this game is kinda interesting ’cause it’s got a shaker on the inside. So you you push the start button. This is your launch right here. (vibrating) Can you hear that? It’s actually that shaker inside. So this game actually
shakes when you play it. (lighthearted music) (vibrating) Yeah, so that’s kinda interesting. Well these things are
not as popular anymore because you basically can download apps and stuff with your iPhone
or Android these days. However, that’s what we used
to play back in the day. Chances are a lot of you
had these old things. Game Boys. I actually still have
my old Game Boy here. And I even have a Game Boy Color. For our Game Boy. These gray bricks right here did not have color back in the day, oh, there’s a game in here, Wario Blast. I’m gonna try something else. I’m gonna try that Kirby’s Block Ball. I grew up a Kirby fan, I still love him. Oh, this is Tetris. You know what, I’m gonna
do this for my father, he used to play this all the time. Okay, so this actually requires four AAs. Alright, so we’re gonna check out Tetris. Show you this is working well. (electronic beep) Remember when we had to wait forever for that Nintendo logo to scroll down? Good times. (electronic music) – Are you to tell me there was no Five Nights at Freddy’s back then? – [Tommy] No, there was
no Five Nights at Freddy’s where I was growing up. – Are you serious? – [Tommy] I’m serious. (chuckles) (electronic music) So yeah, basically, you can
probably download this game for your iPhone now. Yeah, and once you have
filled a line it clears. And that’s basically how
you get score in this game. But anyway, I’m just showing it off, I’m gonna go ahead and
crash the level here. (electronic music) Now what should I put in for a name? – Oh, oh, oh, put my name in! Bonbon, Bonbon! (electronic music) – [Tommy] Oh, okay. So Bonbon wants to put his name in. So let’s do that. There you go Bonbon. Just to show you, this
is working really well. (lighthearted music) And this Game Boy Color will actually play a traditional Game Boy game. I’m gonna show you Yoshi’s Cookie. It will show it in color, but it’s just usually one solid color. (electronic beeps) (electronic music) So yeah. As you can see, it’s
just actually all red. I wish they would remake these two games because they were awesome. So anyway, I’m gonna start by showing you off Oracle of Seasons. Okay so I just turned the sound off because of copyright reasons. But yeah, just take a look at the picture. So right now we are looking at Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons. This is the opening. Now take a look at the graphics. Notice the graphics are a lot better than the traditional Game Boy. And everything is colored appropriately. Now I’m just gonna show you
what the gameplay is like. Now we’re gonna take a
look at the Oracle of Ages. And right now we are looking at Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages. So the opening is different
than the Oracle of Seasons. But the graphics are just as nice. It’s got a really nice
opening to this game. I really do wish they
would remake these games. They were a lot of fun. So the gameplay in both
games are very much the same. You do get different items and stuff and the storyline is quite different. Now a lot of you probably
remember this console, the Super Nintendo. Lots of good times. Now I still do have some games for it, but I don’t have any to show you because I don’t have a TV to plug this in. However, I will show you some artwork from a couple of my favorite games. Take a look. So yeah, the controller,
here’s the controller it’s what the controller looks like. That’s your eject, this is
the button you eject from, power switch, reset, and
the game goes in here, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, like I said, there’s
not much I can show you. – Do they have sister location? – [Tommy] No Bonbon, I’m sorry, I don’t have sister location. – They should make super sister location. – [Tommy] Oh yeah, and I used
to have a Nintendo console, unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore. But that’s what the
controller looked like. I kept the controller because it is a collector’s item. So now here is a really old toy. This was made by Tomytronics. And this is actually a driving simulator. (blowing) A little bit dusty. Anyway, you might have seen
this in a couple of my videos, but I’m going to actually
give you a proper look at it. So pushing this lever
will adjust your speed. And it will also, take a look here, there are no batteries
in this, by the way, just look at this. Isn’t that cool? So now I’m in turbo mode. (lighthearted music) There’s 60 miles per hour, that’s a hundred miles an hour. I’d never advise driving
this fast in real life. Okay, this right here
resets your trip meter here. This is your key, this
actually turns the game on. So let’s go put some
batteries in, shall we? Let’s take a good look at it. So when you turn it on, (engine running) there it is. So right now it is in neutral. So the car is not moving. So when you run out of fuel, you wanna actually look here, this is your counter here, and that will be your final score. So it goes up to 99. However, if you go off the track, like right in the trees,
this will stop counting. If you stay on the track,
this’ll keep counting. When your fuel runs out,
that’ll be your final score. Okay? So let’s take a look at it. Alright, so let’s give it some speed. (engine running) Give it a little more speed. Okay, see how I went off
the track right here, that stopped counting. When you go back on the
track, it counts again. Alright, I’m out of fuel. So that’s my final score, 54. – Oh, I wanna drive, I wanna drive! – [Tommy] Okay Bonbon. Let’s put Bonbon behind
the wheel, shall we? (engine running) – [Tommy] Wow. You’re a better driver
than I thought Bonbon. Let’s see your final score. That’s 47. I got 54. Sorry Bonbon, you couldn’t beat me. – Again, again! – [Tommy] How about we
move on to the next toy, how about that? – Okay. – [Tommy] Hey Bonbon? Are you afraid of ghosts? – Nope, nope, not afraid of ghosts, not afraid of ghosts. – [Tommy] Alright everybody,
now we are gonna be looking at the Casper Mischief Makers. These things were made back in the 90s. I believe around 1995. So yeah, my father used to do puppet shows with these
characters, in the dark. (eerie music) They glow in the dark. – Definitely not afraid. (lighthearted music) – [Tommy] Alright, so this is Fatso. So basically what you do is
you can squeeze his belly and he’ll fire a tomato. (clattering) That’s kinda cute, I guess. So yeah, this is Fatso, obviously, because he’s really chubby. And here’s Casper. You squeeze his belly. This is what happens when
you squeeze Casper’s belly. It’s kinda strange because I thought Casper wanted
to be a friendly ghost and he didn’t like scaring people. But in this case, he
would be the scariest one that I have in the collection here. But you know what? I actually already have
a ghost that can do that. Let’s go check him out. This in Gingar. He’s a ghost, too. (thumping) Oh yeah, and his face also
glows in the dark, too. (eerie music) (sinister laugh) – That’s not scary. – [Tommy] Can’t see your face Bonbon. – That’s not scary. Not scary, that is not scary. Nope, bye. (lighthearted music) – [Tommy] Alright, and this is Stretch. Well, what you do is
you pull on this neck… (creaking) And this one’s Stinkie. You squeeze on his belly. (snorts) And actually, he’s
supposed to be breathing some kind of a smell through his nostrils. But I’ve had this for two decades, it doesn’t smell anymore,
it just smells like vinyl. (snorts) But yeah, he used to actually
have kind of a bad smell. (snorts) And he doesn’t have a smell anymore. So I guess we should
call him not so Stinkie. – Are they gone yet? – [Tommy] Yes, they’re gone. Now this is something I’ve had for ages. I believe I got this as a
Christmas from my uncle. This is a Melody Maker
alarm clock by Playskool. About 25 years ago. (static) – [Announcer] This is
(mumbles) on 980 CJ– – [Tommy] So yeah, it’s
got radio on it, AM and FM. – [Man] We talked about it,
absolutely anything goes in what we call the hour
of the big story from– – [Tommy] So anyway. And it’s got nursery rhymes on here. (Yankee Doodle) So this is Yankee Doodle. Okay. Oh, there it goes. It’s a Small World. (It’s a Small World) Yeah, there you go. Got a little dance out of you. Oh, I believe this next one
is called London Bridge, correct me if I’m wrong. (London Bridge Is Falling Down) Yep. (lighthearted music) Anyway, so that’s what this is. Alright, so I’m just gonna warn you, I will be putting some
real ladybugs in here. So if the bugs give you heebie-jeebies or you don’t like them, I’ll be seeing you next time, thank you so much for watching. But if you do like bugs,
or you’re feeling brave, then please do keep watching. Because what you’re about
to see is pretty neat. So enjoy the circus. – Ladybugs are cute. – [Tommy] Well, this thing’s
been around for a while, but it’s still in production. I have not opened it yet. But basically, it is a critter playground. You put bugs in here and they have… (lighthearted music) Okay, it’s called a Critter Carnival. But yeah, so it’s got things
like a merry-go-round, a slide, a teeter-totter,
it’s got like a ferris wheel, a tightrope, a swing, and a little maze. I have not opened this yet. So we’re gonna be doing an opening. – Like an unboxing? – [Tommy] Yes, this is like an unboxing. – Yay! – [Tommy] That should be good. There we go, I opened that up nicely. Oh! Instruction, yay! Roly-polys, ladybugs,
and other small insects. Never put in biting or stinging insects. True. Don’t leave in direct sunlight. Well, we’re gonna be inside,
so that’s not a concern. Don’t keep the bugs in
the carnival for too long. Okay, I’ll make sure I don’t do that. Just so you know, I’m gonna let them go and they will be let go unharmed. And they will be released
exactly where I found them. So if you’re catching insects, always let them go right
where you found them. Okay? That’s important. Put a little water in the watering hole. Okay, yeah, there’s a
little watering hole. This is actually a magnifying glass. You put it on top. But anyway, yeah, so here’s the dome. And as you can see right
here, there are notches here. So when you put the lid on top, this is how they breathe. You gotta have air holes in the top. They say you’re supposed put
a little bit of water in here. I actually am gonna do
something different. This is actually a piece of bread and I soaked it in water. And the ladybugs will be able to absorb the water form the bread, and that way you do not
risk drowning the cute bugs. I don’t wanna drown the little ladybugs. So you ought to be really careful. – Go catch some ladybugs. I wanna see some ladybugs. – Okay, so I got six ladybugs
crawling around here. – Oh, they’re so cute. – [Tommy] You should see
them walk the tightrope. Yeah, see this one right here is thirsty. It’s drinking the water off the bread. Up the tight rope he goes. Okay, so now it is time
to let our friends go. So I’m just gonna take this off and I’m gonna let them all crawl off. There goes one. There they go, they’re flying away. Are you gonna do a final
tightrope performance for us? Or are you just gonna take off? Oh, there you go. There you go. The final act. Oh, you’re having fun with
that tightrope, aren’t you? There you go. Away you go. There you go. That was the last one. Well that was cute, we got to
watch a little ladybug circus. – I like ladybugs. – I do, too. Unfortunately, we are
running out of time now. – Are we really? – Yep. – Time flies when you’re having fun. – I agree, time does fly. So I’m afraid we are gonna
have to wrap up this video. I’ll see you all next time. – Time to go home. I’m driving. – You’re driving? (engine running) Well Bonbon’s really enjoying
this driving simulator. He’s a better driver than I thought. Don’t get pulled over
by any police cars, now. Alright, I’ll see you all next time. – Bye bye. – Hey, watch the road. – Oops. – We better go, bye. Thanks for watching, I’ll
see you all next time. – Have you seen Bonbon? (upbeat music) – [Tommy] Take one hand and
put these two fingers together, put your pinky on top, and grab your pinky
with your index finger. And you just made
yourself a puppet friend.

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