Bread Dough Recipe for Dresdner Stollen, Antique Hobart Mixer

Okay, here’s our yeast. Yeah, here’s our yeast, and the milk, and the honey. And always take a whisk, and go on the bottom because sometimes the honey sits, a little bit, on the bottom. Okay, so what we’ll do next is put our mixture in here, our rum and fruit mixture, right. And the rum has soaked itself, a little bit, into the fruit. Now we put in the butter and…. You mean the fruit has soaked its way into the rum, ha ha. Yeah. Yeah. Well, the rum has soaked its way into the fruit. (Laughter.) So this, and this okay, and two eggs. You’re so funny. Two eggs. Sorry. Okay. I’ll keep the jokes to a minimum. (Laughter.) Two eggs, right. I have rum jokes. And eight cups of flour. Four cups, eight cups, and use regular flour because it is a bread, as in bread, right. Yeah. So, now this here is my favorite. It’s about ninety years old. I acquired that twenty years ago, and I use it every year for making, you know, large amounts of bread or for the Christmas cake. Yeah. Sometimes I oil it a little, and that why it looks so antique. So now like this. Your Hobart mixer from the beginning of time. Now you can either put milk, but I have some cream here that’s about two days overdue. Okay. So, and it’s still wonderful. Yeah. but I have so much, so I use heavy cream. You kind of put it in here. Yeah. And see what happens, okay. So you can use cream or milk that’s a little bit off in baking, right? Look in here, very important, it’s getting a little dry, okay, a little more cream. And it has to go for quite a while, okay. So how is it when you bake, you bake bread or a piece of baking, that you can use milk or cream that kind of sour? That is fine. Milk, or for bread, it’s fine, right. Why is that though? Especially for rye bread, you want the sourness. Okay, you want the sour. Yeah. You want the sour. Okay. I use it for scones as well because scones are sometimes made with yogurt and cream, or cream cheese. Yeah. They have a little sourness to them, so if I have a milk that’s a little off, it goes in the scones. Yeah. So, I’m going to…. I won’t tell anybody. No, it’s a good thing. No, my grandma, everybody I’ve ever known that was a baker. Of course. Of course. So I’m going to speed it up a little bit here. Always used the sour milk. And then I’ll talk a little bit about the consistency of the dough because that’s highly important. Okay. Ooh. That has to go for a few minutes now, so we may as. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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  1. You should take a look at the big first stage reduction gear in the back – sounds like it badly needs to be greased!

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