BTS – Make It Right (방탄소년단 – Make It Right) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

jin has lines! I repeat JIN HAS LINES! jimin looks like an underripe strawberry… 🙁 kookie with cookies UM lets talk about j-hopes vocals because I am SOBBING I didn’t even recognize his voice at first king king king! my babyyy baby i know~ i could make it better~ i could hold you tighter~ oooooh~ I can make it right

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  1. Making Korean food that BTS also likes. Home Cooking! I love it.
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  2. I got a b in science and my teacher said next time you need to make it right like I was junshook then I found out that my teacher was an army aswell



  4. Try to listen to lauv song a different way with dj snake and its sound similar tho. I dont know if it this is just me but pls try to listen im a fan of lauv and his very underrated so pls give some credits no hate i also like make it right but it gives me anxiety thinking thats its the same as A DIFFERENT WAY . Try to check it and correct me if im wrong but if not dOnt correct me HAHA GOD BLESS try to listen to the chorus part

  5. When the song played on the radio my brother (BTS hater) was nooo why why did I change the radio and my mom made it louder so I started to sing to annoy him like he annoyed me

  6. People really should not be worrying about the boys lines in the should be listening to their beautiful music and the message that the song is telling.

  7. Do you know that every bts song has a couple different visions. Their was a interview with their producer ppoddngg and that is what he said .

  8. On this cd taehyung had so many lines .had two or three songs that he had more then jungkook .on those same songs jimin had more lines then jungkook to.

  9. Is there anything that they can’t do? After all the fast and hyping songs like idol and boys with love, BTS has given us a chill and relaxing song such as this one!!!🤙🏻🤙🏻 I had made a cover of this song, please check it out if you have time and feel free to leave a comment on my cover on how I did. Thanks! 😄

  10. 왤케 중독성있고

    이래서 방탄노랠 듣고 방탄을 좋아하는거야ㅋ
    (안티들아 니들도 들어봐ㅋ)

  11. 안녕하세요 저는 방탄소년단 팬입니다. 아미라고도 할수 있죠
    저는 벌써 팬이 된지는 6년이 되가요
    저느 make it right 으로 만은 위안을 받았어요 이 노래는 정말 좋은 노래이고 제 애창곡 입니다
    이 노래로 파트별 가사를 만들어 주셔서 감사하고 다른 노래들도 잘 보고 있어요
    저는 이걸 만드신 분이 외국인이신줄 알았는데ㅐ 학국인 이셨어 놀랐어요
    21세기의 비틀즈라고도 불리는 방탄소년단
    남준이 오빠 석진이 오빠 윤기오빠 호석이오빠 지민오빠 태형 오빠 정국오빠까지 정말 대단한 분들이에요 음….. 악플들에 신경쓰지 마시고 채널 잘 이끌어 주셨습합니당

  12. 정말 좋은 BTS 노래가 너무 상쾌하고 피곤합니다 … BTS 감사합니다, 당신이 그리워요

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