BUHAY AHENTE – Ilonggo Sales Team in ANTIQUE (Sibalom, Valderrama, Tigmamale Bridge) DAY 2

There’s cross up there… it’s a grave of a priest that was once killed there. – Grave of a priest!?! Is the priest a local here? A foreigner? or what? Okay Paps. Good morning. This is day 2 of our ‘saturation trip’. So… okay… let’s have breakfast first. They have fast internet here… as you can see they are watching YouTube videos here … the best vlog in Iloilo Who’s that? (smug) We are having breakfast right now! Actually I just uploaded that video. Just last night. Internet is fast here at Chic Hotel! Okay, we are ready to go. Us, men, waste no time. But the girls in the next room are far from ready. I think they’re still asleep. That’s not good! (boss angry) Women and their rituals… Oh look at them… they are not even up from their beds. Look! (sarcasm) lazy woman: “We are women and it’s normal for females!” – One is doing her make-up! The other one has just woken up. At least the kid is set and looks more ready than the both of you. The mom is right here… doing her business. Gadong… (her family name) – Yes sir…
– Is everything okay, Gadong? – All’s okay sir… – Okay then… … I’m self serv…… – hey… shut up! It’s already an hour… and they are still not ready! Hey let’s go! Let’s all meet at the lobby downstairs. Okay. I must say that our stay here at Chic Hotel was great! Here at San Jose, Antique. Big thanks to miss… Miss: En… En..
ID: En? En? Miss: Anne. Okay Thank you Miss Anne! And to Sir Winston… your hotel is great! I recommend that when you want a place to stay here in San Jose, Antique Stay here at Chic Hotel.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Bye! Okay. It’s day 2 of our Antique Trip! We are going to saturate the place. We’ll be going to the Northern part. To Culasi, Antique! We are hyped! [Oh crap!!!] Okay… we are going back to the hotel… good thing we are not that far off. Bayani forgot his wallet. Nat: He’s the financier … we cannot move… without his money… (laugh) He has 10K in that wallet… so we need to go back and get it! and not only that, someone forgot something else Miel forgot to eat his complimentary sandwich We had free breakfast but she slept through it… so now it’s her chance. So with us returning, she can now have her sandwich. Miel: I had it toasted At least, our return is for good reason. Queen: Her sandwich … and her keetsoop. she really likes to eat them… acting like miel: oh my… I so hungry … I did not break my fast… We can lose the wallet and the 10K… the more important thing is the sandwich Queenie: We can lose everything but the sandwich! Miel: This is sandwich is unique. I’ll show it later. (hype) And here’s her sandwich.
Miel: My sandwich!!! It’s great that you can return to get your complimentary food! Miel: so here’s my sandwich… ID: Wow!!! What a sandwich! Miel: What we have here are layers… This is the jam. Neil: Wow! unique! Okay. All’s well! She gets her sandwich… and he gets his wallet back. Okay let’s go. Let’s leave Queenie. [Hey, that’s my mother.] It’s Neil’s turn to do work. Doing door to door stuff. It’s very important that you’re aggressive in finding and talking to your prospects.
GO TO: iloilocondominiums.com Iloilo City was already saturated by alot. But Antique, not much. And there are plenty of people here that can afford this investment. Okay. I’ll also try my luck. doing door to door.
Wow, look at this… lots and lots of RAMBUTAN (some kind of tropical fruit). Neil: They’re so red… meaning they’re ripe! They’re now distracted. Instead of working, they just want some Rambutan. There are yellow ones. What are they?A different variety? So there are yellow varieties of Rambutan. Yellow Rambutans… Red Rambutans. Keven: Anyone home??? Anybody? This is my youngest worker here… a 7-year-old door-to-door sales person Show the flyers Are you giving those out? Okay go. Work! It’s just too bad because weather’s wet. We cannot do much. If it’s not raining… We can just go wherever we want. Okay. Jackpot… we saw a good opportunity we saw a compound with huge, expensive-looking houses. I think one of them is an owner of a nearby school. Once again, Neil is doing the work. Hoping that homeowners will let him in.
Neil seems harmless enough. DOG: Arf… arf… woof… woof.
[everyone laughing] She’s going back here… Neil: They’re just barking. What happened? I’m afraid of the dogs. I have been bitten twice already. ID: Really? Bitten twice already? ahh… no wonder. Neil: If you get into trouble, stab the dog’s snout. Miel: I have a scar here… and one in my leg. ID: This is the life of a sales person. Nat: So that’s why you’re bitchy sometimes. ID: Here’s another good house. Go Miel… Reach your Quota! What can you say Nat? Is this what an agent’s life all about?? Nat: Rain or Shine… You gotta work! ID: What did you say Neil? Neil: Still enjoying my work though! Nat: It feels great when you close a deal because you really worked for it! ID: So right now, she is the one working hard. Hmmm… seems like a good prospect. They have been discussing for awhile now. I really hope that they are talking about the properties we’re presenting… I hope they are not talking about Rambutan or something else. Bayani: Or they might be talking what variety of papaya they have in their yard. The fruits are huge! Miel: Buyer is responsive and interested. ID: You get the contact numbers.
Miel: Yes.
Everyone: Very good!!! It’s Keven’s turn now! Let’s go! You can do it! Nat: Practice makes perfect! ID: You can do it! He’s talking to the actual prospect right now! So, what we’re waiting for is his signal if he needs help. that’s when I come in. Nice. Looks good. Everyone: Go assist sir. We will have lunch here at “Floring’s Carenderia”. Nat: Well known for Native Chicken. Adobo Native Chicken is their specialty! okay… We are now full and refueled! team’s just letting the food settle in their stomachs. Now that we’re not hungry… let’s go back to work! Queenie: They’re nurses and doctors. Looks like you’re too full to climb in the car. LOL. Is everything good Bay? Bayani: Good to go Sir! Nat: Energized!
ID: Hey Miel…. Miel: what?
ID: There’s a long bridge ahead… Queenie: That’s too long.
Bayani: Let’s hold our breath. Miel: Oh no….
Nat: We’ll pass there!? ID: Okay, we have to pass through a long bridge… Everyone is going to hold their breath until we reach the other side. Okay guys!? I am going to video this. No cheating, ok? Miel: Don’t make us laugh. ID: No funny stuff… just silence. Miel: (to Bayani) don’t move too slow. Bayani: No Don’t worry… we’ll move fast. ID: That’s the bridge ahead. okay… I think this is just around a minute. Okay… Ready…. Keven: three… two… one… (holding breath while smiling) (this is stupid…) (i think i will die here…) (quietly dying) (still smiling here) (not struggling. actually farting.) Everyone: waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! ID: Did everyone make it?
Everyone: Yes (Liars) That means we’ll get closed deals! Queenie: I am close to burping but I tried to hold… We saw a hanging bridge. So we have to stop. we’ll try to cross it. and get some videos and a few snaps. Let’s go!
Are you excited little girl? Queenie: She is… she’s not even afraid. At my back is the entrance to the hanging bridge. Nat: Scary… ID: No it’s not. For people from the city… this is unusual. Here we go… Nat: Sir, I am scared.
ID: Don’t be wuss.. It is not even that high. Nat: waaaahhhh… ID: A little but shaky and unstable… But don’t be afraid… I’m here. Nat: Oh my gahhd! So this is the hanging bridge and it’s not to high to be that scary… but it’s long and a bit shaky. The steps are… here.. steel and the supporting cables are steel too steel suspension cables okay… photo op and selfies here she is… here is the one who really requested to stop… and check the bridge out.
It’s awesome here!! Awesome experience. Nice view. Miel: Good for instagram?? Queenie:There is a cross up there because a priest was killed there he was buried there ID: Where is the cross? oh there it is… So he was buried there? is the priest a foreigner? Filipino? or what? Queenie: I dunno but he was assigned here. ID: This happened when?
Queenie: A long time ago?? So I think we’re done taking photos… The locals here are amused… Well if rural people are fascinated by the urban stuff, we city folks are are fascinated by these… It’s expected. You don’t see these kind of stuff back in the city. What is the name of the Bridge sir? Local: Ahmmm… TIGAMAMALE SUSPENSION BRIDGE ID: TIGAMAMALE SUSPENSION BRIDGE… here in Valderrama, right? Local: They say this is the longest hanging bridge. ID: Longest ‘running’ bridge? Local: Hanging Bridge (clean your ears boy) ID: Thank you very much kind sir! Local: No sweat. I am an official here. What’s your name sir? Jo Puno… Councilor Puno ID: Thank you again sir! It’s a good thing that an official gave us good background information. The longest hanging bridge… Tigmam…. What is it again please? Jo Puno: Tigamamale
ID: Tigamamale…. Bye sir! Where are we going?
Queenie: To a church.
ID: to the church up this mountain It’s way up there. Bayani: This is the way ID: Is this it? Looks good. Everyone: Wow… ID: At least the way is paved. Road is concrete. And not a rough road. Oh okay… Queenie: Looks like a church in heaven. Miel: Wow! it’s so nice!!! Bayani: It’s not even finished yet. ID: Hey, look! The rain cloud is approaching… looks awesome! Wow look at that. That’s how the rain looks when it approaches you. Wow. It’s my first time to see that kind of thing. (amazed) Nat: We got a good view because we are here at the top… ID; That’s right. We are waiting for the rain to stop so that we can get down this slope. Hey, instead of work. this trip became more of sightseeing and adventure. still good though This is the perks of being an agent Strong rains pouring like crazy.

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  1. Hello po … Ilonggo dad… Saan po kayo nagstay sa Antique… Welcome to Antique… Ang ganda pla ang chic hotel. Ja ko sa patnongon sir…

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