Buying Jewelry : Buying Costume Jewelry

Hi I’m Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane
and I’m going to talk to you about buying costume jewelry. Why would you buy costume
jewelry? Well first of all I refer to it as fashion jewelry because it is a fashion statement.
The pieces that you wear tell something about you. For instance the fun thing about fashion
jewelry is its versatility. You can take two long ropes, single pearls, pearl and gold
strand and combine them. Just let them twist, gravity does this and it’s doing it to us
too you know and then you take a clasp such as our snap ring here and that is something
everyone should have in their jewelry box and you’ve got a totally different look, very
rich and full. Fashion jewelry gives you a totally different image, you can do pearls
or turquoise or onyx or amethyst or shells and this type of thing would be very expensive
if you purchase the real item. Fashion jewelry gives you all these different looks at a fraction
of the price that is why anyone would buy fashion jewelry and you can do that through
catalogs, through your local department stores, through flea markets, yard sales, raid your
grandmother’s jewelry box or you can get it through many of the direct selling companies
such as Jewels by Park Lane. I’m Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane and I’m wishing you
a very fashionable day.

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