Buying Jewelry : Buying Vintage Jewelry

Hi I’m Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane
and I’m going to talk to you about buying vintage jewelry. First of all when you buy
vintage jewelry or any jewelry for that matter, pick something that truly appeals to you,
whether it is the quality of the material, the beauty of the stone, the uniqueness of
design, whatever appeals to you is the most important thing because you are buying it
to wear and if you want a certain look you have to think about what you are wearing it
with. If you are buying it for investment purposes you need to have an expert with you
and someone who really knows the era or jewelry materials. The reason for this is you can’t
usually take it with you and then change your mind. Some very reputable firms will give
you a day or two grace period to see if it is something that you really want but most
of the time when you purchase something you are going to get it as is so make sure you
like the piece. You can get vintage jewelry anywhere, yard sales, flea market, on line,
check your newspapers, they have ads for that sort of thing all the time. Just remember
fashion is a look not a price and the image you are going for is the one you should settle
for. Judy Carrier, Jewels by Park Lane. Have a great day.

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