Buying Rare Books: Condition & Value : Glossary of Book Flaw Terms in Rare Books

Hi. My name’s Molly Mackey, and I’m with Expert
Village. Another common issue is water damage. Now, this book is very heavily water damaged.
Mostly you wouldn’t be listing something that’s this bad. But, sometimes if it’s really valuable
content, you’ll go ahead and still will go through with it. So, you definitely want to
mention if the pages are rippled. You want to mention that the pages are rippled, heavy
water damage to cover. You could mention if there’s any darkening stains. Sometimes that
occurs in older books. That type of thing. But, water damage is extremely important to
mention because customers do not like that. So, they need to be aware. Also, when you
have a cover with damage like this on the front, the technical term that you would use
to describe that would be rubbed. Now, this particular one happens to have water damage,
but you can see the rubbing to the cloth. And, you definitely want to mention that.
So, you would say front cover rubbed heavily. Also, the spine tips, I’m sorry, the book
tips are frayed. You definitely want to mention that as well. When the cloth frays, that’s
a mention.

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