Buying & Selling Jewelry : Buying Diamonds Wholesale

Hi, I’m Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane.
I’m going to talk to you about buying diamonds whole sale. First of all, you have to determine
just what you want in a diamond. You have to consider the four c’s; the cut, the clarity,
the color, and the carat weight. And I always like to add a fifth, that’s the cost. So once
you know what you want, you know, then you can think about shape, and that sort of thing,
and setting. You go to a reputable jeweler, or wholesaler. Sometimes you can get jewelry
at an actual jewelry store wholesale, if you have a vendor’s license or that sort of thing.
But normally, you can either go on line, or you can join a wholesale club. And if you
know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to get diamonds at a very good price. And
that’s the whole idea of buying wholesale, is you’re eliminating the middle man, so you’re
not spending what you would if you actually went into a jewelry store, or anyplace else
on a retail establishment. That’s why you go to wholesale places. But the easiest way
if you don’t belong to a club, or you don’t have a license, is to do it on line. And usually
you can join a wholesale club on line, and that’s why you have to know what you’re doing,
or you have to have the items that you’re looking at appraised. And that’s what I would
suggest until you’ve had the experience to learn how to do it yourself. And buying wholesale,
is some place saving money.

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  1. Our company has been selling tungsten rings for many many years and we now want to get into selling diamond rings. We are having the hardest time finding a company or wholesale group that sells diamonds at wholesale prices. Can you let me know of 1-2 that you recommend? If not, we are going to head to the Diamond District in NYC this weekend and deal with a vendor there, but I still dont know who we can and can't trust. Great video, thank you and hope to hear from you.

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