Buying & Selling Jewelry : Buying Jewelry From a Catalog

Hi, I’m Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane
and I’m going to talk to you about buying jewelry from a catalog. Just like buying jewelry
from store, make sure the firm you’re buying from is reputable. Has it been in business
a long time? Has it been in business at the same location? Does it list a name and a physical
address? When you buy from a catalog, will it give you documentation of the jewelry you’re
buying from? For instance, will you get a certificate of authenticity if you’re buying
gem stones? Will you get a paper stating the karate weight of your gold? These are very
important things that you should consider when you buy from a catalog. Also, what is
their lost in the mail policy? Is the jewelry sent to you insured? Is that part of the price
that is quoted? Would you know exactly how it’s going to be shipped to you? Do they let
you know how much of a turn around or how long it will take before you receive it and
do you have to put your money out first? Do they ship COD? These are all things that you
should consider when you’re buying through a catalog. I’m Judy Carrier, Jewels by Park
Lane and make sure the catalog that you order from will answer all those questions. They
also should have a number that you can call and talk to a live person who can answer some
of these questions too.

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