Calculating the old-age pension (2019)

This is Julia. She has worked as an executive assistant for more than 40 years. Soon, she will reach the ordinary retirement age and retire together with her husband, Rudy. And here she is again. Except that this is actually her twin, Monica. Unlike Julia, the qualified engineer spent a lot of time abroad. Both sisters are now wondering about how high their pension will be. Julia and Rudy have always been gainfully employed and always paid social insurance contributions. They do not have any contributions gaps. They have two children. They receive parental credits for both children. These are taken into account when calculating their pension. As a married couple, the sum of their individual pensions must not exceed 150% of the maximum pension. As the sum of their old-age pensions exceeds the maximum, it will be reduced proportionally. Monica and Claudio are not married. This means that his retirement will not affect her old-age pension. However, Monica has contributions gaps! She spent some years studying and working abroad. This means that she should expect a reduced old-age pension. Monica has been thinking about working three years beyond the retirement age of 64. She can withdraw her old-age pension now or defer it. This does not change her reduced pension, but she would receive a bonus for deferring her old-age pension. Julia and Monica are already planning their joint adventures for the time after retirement. Rudy and Claudio don’t know anything about them yet.

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