Can This Salvadoran Follow A Recipe in A Different Language?

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  1. Please have Gadiel on the next one then have all three on the third. They can have their own series. "Internationally Speaking" or something. They can travel and judge things. And learn things!

  2. I took Japanese and need around 3 days to remembered 1 to 5..rie took only 10 sec to teach me that !! Why i didn't meet u earlier rie

  3. カッコイイですね、良い企画だと思います!

  4. me: watches anime
    also me: understands half the things Rie is saying without the subtitles

    me: im such an intellectual

  5. That’s great effort to learn and understand, Curly. Western languages are very different from Eastern ones. Rie is an awesome instructor as well.

  6. No one:
    Not a single human:

    Curly: This little meat has been a bad bad boy slaps meat multiple time

  7. このシリーズの日本語版楽しみにしてました〜!!嬉しいです😆数字の教え方わかりやすくて感動しました笑

  8. I'm surprised she said "shi" instead of "yon" for number 4. Most Japanese prefer saying "yon" since "shi" sounds similar to death. So they say "yon" out of superstition.

  9. I think there are no translation for fractions in Filipino or maybe there is But I think there is Tagalog Mathematics like square root is parisukat ugat.

  10. I actually made this a while back and there was more of a sauce cz I was told to use stock with soy sauce after cooking the onions. It was soooooo good

  11. Their friendship is literally the most purest thing I have watched on Tasty in awhile. I love Rie and Curly but, these past few videos of them are just friendship goals. ❤

  12. So the answer is YES; Curly Can get down in the Kitchen! 🤔🙌🇸🇻🇺🇸🇯🇵

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