Carriage House Antique Market and Cafe! Jackson TN Weekend!

– On this episode of Jackson TN Weekend we’re taking you to Carriage
House Antique Market and Cafe. (instrumental music) – I love to come to
Carriage House Antiques. I like the different vendors,
the different booths. It’s very unique. There are, there’s a
big diversity of items. I shop here for gifts. I meet friends here for lunch and then we shop afterwards. – So how many booths do you have? – We have over 100 dealers. – Oh wow. – We do. It’s 20,000 square feet and it’s not just antiques, it’s also home decor and collectibles. We also have baby clothes,
we have monogramming. Our little mantra is Come
for lunch, stay for dessert, shop all afternoon. – Out of all of the
vendors that you have here, – Uh huh. – Are there two or three
that pop out to you? – They’re all unique. I mean everybody’s
personality comes through. We have junkers here, we have people that have fine home decor, we have people that make their own things, it’s all over the board and
they’re just so creative. – Hard to pick just one. – It’s hard to pick just one, it really is. – Okay so Teresa, we all know
shopping makes us hungry. – Yes. – And you mentioned there’s a cafe. – Yes.
– Here. – Yes. – So what makes your cafe stand out? – Miss Pat runs the cafe. The cafe belongs to Miss Pat and that’s Miss Pat
Fields, Patricia Fields, and she’s sort of an icon in this area. She’s, in the words of the south, an old country cook and she’s a good one. She runs this kitchen and she cooks all the food and I am, as they say in the south, damn lucky to have her. (Paige laughing) – Why do you think that Jackson, Tennessee has become this mecca for antiquing? – Oh that’s an easy question. I think it’s because a
lot of people in this area love to antique, and we’re between Memphis and Nashville and we can still find
antiques reasonably priced and then we can offer them
at a reasonable price. It’s that simple. – This is my happy place. When I want to come for
someplace to just to enjoy and look around, I don’t like things that are cluttered, and yet there’s lots of things in here, but it’s organized, and it’s pretty, and it’s inviting, and
you can get some lunch. And everybody’s nice that’s in here and just makes it a place
to come and feel special. If you’ve had a bad day,
this is where you wanna come. (laughing) If you’re having a great day, this is where you wanna come. – Thanks for antiquing with us today at the Carriage House
Antique Market and Cafe. To find out more on how you
can have the best weekend ever please visit us at Enjoy. (instrumental music)

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