Cartier and Royalty: Cartier Style and History exhibition

Maria Doulton: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
were very faithful Cartier patrons. The couple were known to go to Cartier and, together,
commission jewels. They knew what they wanted, and their strong personality, with Cartier’s
talents, has created some of the most memorable and valuable jewellery collections we have
known. Laurent Salomé: The Duchess was one of the
most important clients for Cartier. Maybe jewels were a way for them to create another
life after all they had been against and all they had left, and all the scandal that had
been around them. They created a certain life of freedom and beauty and elegance, and jewels
were essential to that story. Two of the most famous are here in the show: the flamingo,
and then the very famous brooch, with the panther sitting on this big sapphire cabochon,which
is one of the emblems, now, of Cartier. Maria: There’s a whole area dedicated to Grace
Kelly, and I think one of the highlights is the engagement ring given to her by Prince
Rainier, which, although it’s quite a simple setting, is in fact a beautiful 10-carat diamond
that she wore in the film “High Society”. There are also other examples of her jewellery
that, because she was seen wearing them and photographed, we seem to know. They’re like
moments from the past that help us to evoke the days of glamour that Grace Kelly so well
embodied. Perhaps the Cartier jewel that is most fresh
in all of our minds, and that’s linked to a very romantic moment, is a tiara that Kate,
the Duchess of Cambridge, wore on her wedding day. It was lent to her by the Queen, and
it is a halo-style tiara with scroll motifs, and it was made by Cartier in London in 1936. In fact, most of the jewels of the exhibition
were probably given as tokens of love, and if we look at them today, some of them more
than 100 years old, you can still see the brightness of colour of the stones, the freshness
of the design, and hopefully the original intention of the giver, which was to delight.

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  1. A SPECTACULAR presentation!
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  2. Why is she saying "Car-ti-ERH" in lieu of the correct pronunciation, which is "Car-ti-AY"?! How provincional, regional, affected and silly.

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